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♥♥♥ Sweet & Sexy New Design ♥♥♥ 0pinion on which sleeve!! :))

16thMay 20, 2013 by Gemini
imageComes in Baby Pink and Baby Blue :)) It's one of
my favorites!!!  Need your opinion on which sleeve
you like the best !!!  Thanks you guys!! < 3

~♥!♥~♥!♥~ DESIGN SHEET OF CHOICES ~♥!♥~♥!♥~

w/ long sleeves in Baby Pink :))

~♥!♥~♥!♥~THIS VERSION IN SHOPS NOW ~♥!♥~♥!♥~

GARLAND FOR HAIR: Matching Garlands make the look
complete & look great with  other designs also :))

GEMIS SOFT AND FULL LIPS: in Poppy Pink...also in other colors

PARTY PONY W/HOOPS: reworked to make the face  looksofter & sweeter (opened it up )

These designs  are all available  for competing or gifting, in return I ask that one person of my choice be gifted one stock of any design used, as I receive nothing for my designs and it's the only way  I can get or gift  My OWN designs!! lol   Thanks for understanding, you guys... ♥♥♥

Let me know what ya'll think !! Your opinions  and support  mean so much and continues to inspire me!!!  Any +/c's are appreciated and gladly returned   I LOVE you Tengaged ... you guys R.0.C.K.!!!  X0X0X0X0X0X0X0X00X0X0X0



That would be very cute with the yorkie i told you about!!! :)
Sent by Tigger,May 20, 2013
Heey I get that not every one has the same taste ... but why the negs??
Just pass it on by if you don't like it ...:( :(
Sent by Gemini,May 20, 2013
Gemini stupid neg day apparently :( +15
Sent by Jouix,May 20, 2013
+12 :)
Sent by mattmon3365,May 20, 2013
hahaha  !!I'm gonna get on it Tigger!! :))))  Thanks for the +'s < 3
Sent by Gemini,May 20, 2013
Uggg so damn  immature !!  Thanks for the +'s  Jouix  you rock!! , < 3
Sent by Gemini,May 20, 2013
I love the pink one with short sleeves! It's very cute and the design looks lovely on your avi gemini!! love you tons < 3
Sent by Jenika,May 20, 2013
Sent by sprtsgy1989,May 20, 2013
Awww  Jenika!! Love that you always actually reply to my question girl!! lolll 
Thanks for always being so supportive love you Jenn!!!  < 333
Sent by Gemini,May 20, 2013
Sent by screamfan0061,May 20, 2013
whoa this is awesome. looks great with these eyes. i'm surprised i never saw this one before, looks great !! I think I actually like the short sleeve better, I like how you did them. you rock, #mygemi !!!! < 3
Sent by philliesfan09,May 20, 2013
Heey baby I though I showed this to you!! hahah sneaked by you huh??  Glad you like it sweetie !!  the short sleeve seems to be the most popular....
Sent by Gemini,May 20, 2013
omg love it
Sent by STOKES2009,May 20, 2013
this totally reminds me of the Renasonce Festival :P  I luv the light colors :P great job gemini
Sent by clueliz,May 20, 2013
Looks great gemini! You're such a good designer!
Sent by pens87,May 20, 2013
I had to read the top to figure out what the differences were. I finally saw where it said the part about the different length of sleeves:) Good job Gemini!
Sent by Diva1,May 20, 2013
Cute! :)
Sent by Stick,May 21, 2013
It does have that feel to it doesn't it clueliz zy LOL... good eyes girl!!
Loveee you Miss talking to you < 333
Sent by Gemini,May 21, 2013
Awww thank you pens so much.. you're so sweet !! < 3
Sent by Gemini,May 21, 2013
Hahaha Diva1    it's like reading a long novel isn't it !! LOL.... soo which did you like better girl??  Hope you had a nice week end!!  Miss talking with you this week !!  Love you < 3333
Sent by Gemini,May 21, 2013
Sent by Etienne,May 21, 2013
Especially the blue one!!
Sent by SexyBanana,May 21, 2013
Lovely Gemini!! I love the bottom left design and he bottom right most. I think blue complements the eyes best :)

When I get a shop, I would be ever so grateful if you let me post a few of your designs. You are one of the best designers. :)
Sent by 75937563748,May 21, 2013
i love it < 3
Sent by Jenii_Valenta,May 21, 2013
i love them gemini
Sent by MeLi,May 21, 2013
Those are MY favorites too 75937563748 !!!  for realz!! 
Thank you for the sweet comments!!  Hit me up when you get a shop
and I'll deffo hook you up Callum < 333
Sent by Gemini,May 21, 2013
Thank you so much MeLi  that means a lot coming from another designer !! :))
Sent by Gemini,May 21, 2013
The long sleeves I prefer, although both are stunning as usual
Sent by dannyjr0587,May 21, 2013
From Gemini
to TBIbetch
That's just how I roll   ... for not commenting and plussing my blog!!!  lolll

Sent by TBIbetch,May 21, 2013
Sent by Gemini,May 21, 2013
It's already made it's shop debut!! Go you Gemini
Sent by konohavillage1,May 21, 2013
Awww thankk you konohavillage1 I just LOVE when that happens!!!  hahah < 333
Sent by Gemini,May 21, 2013
i love love love the pink short sleeved top ! gemini < 333
Sent by babebee,May 21, 2013
Heey babebee  the short sleeved seems to deffo be the most popular!! Thanks so much for commenting... I appreciate it  < 3
Sent by Gemini,May 21, 2013
this one is fucking amazing gemini
Sent by sw33t,May 22, 2013

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