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WARNING!!!! ....NEVER ..... EVERRRRR.....

1stApr 25, 2013 by Gemini
imagedo this!!!  (pic inside) I hope I'm the only one who has
ever done this, but I got a feeling I'm not !!!!  I made the
mistake of trying it and the outcome was a disaster and
very expensive !!!!! :(((((

I dropped my comp on the tile floor and shattered my  screen... 
My heart sunk in to my chest when I thought of all the hours of
hard work on my new designs that I hadn't saved !! :((

Thank God for Computer geeks !! The tech was able to save
them for me!!! It's awful when your computer is broken, you
don't realize how attached you are to these things till you
do something stupid like this !!  :/

I have missed you tengaged :))))
Bathrooms and computers don't mix.. just sayin'  hahaha

Please +/c if you've a mind to and I'll be glad to return the
favor :))  Love you  Tengaged !!  X0X0X00X0X0X0



awww rip gemini's toilet computer
Sent by andychuck08,Apr 25, 2013
the designs better be cute or imma be mad
Sent by Mexash,Apr 25, 2013
Sent by haiiderr,Apr 25, 2013
same xoxoxo
Sent by mattmon3365,Apr 25, 2013
LOL never did that before :S

Praise computer geeks!
Sent by ShadowBaller000,Apr 25, 2013
I know andychuck08  lol... you're lucky yours didn't break falling off the sofa!!!
Sent by Gemini,Apr 25, 2013
I dropped my cell phone in a porta potty once...eww!
Sent by Diva1,Apr 26, 2013
Omgggggg  Diva1  that's  sooo gross !! hahahahhaha  Nice to know i'm not alone girl !! < 333
Sent by Gemini,Apr 26, 2013
I know that looks mean, but Diva1 and I have been very worried that something really bad happened to you!
I've done that a lot, in fact, I used to bring the bathroom for a very specific purpose (Lets just say it involved your profile (avatar) and some lotion!)
Sent by tomhartnell,Apr 26, 2013
" Bathrooms and computers don't mix.. just sayin' "  LOL Glad to have you back and I'm so happy to hear your designs weren't lost!!! love ya tons! xoxo
Sent by Jenika,Apr 26, 2013
never thought id b seeing you blog this!! :O Gemini!!
Sent by dools,Apr 26, 2013
lmfao ew!!
Sent by Piddu,Apr 26, 2013
awwwww gemini, im glad you were able to still have everything saved, i would lose my mind if i lost everything on my computer :(
Sent by seana86,Apr 26, 2013
I tried to do it in a lady like way dools :/
Sent by Gemini,Apr 26, 2013
Heey seana86   My heart just sank for real :(( Miss you girl.. Love you!! < 333
Sent by Gemini,Apr 26, 2013
lol dools

hi gemini!!!
glad those amazing designs were salvaged :)  i know you worked hard on them and that would have been devastating. Hope you are doing well
Sent by sjsoccer88,Apr 26, 2013
soon enough computers are going to be small enough to drop into a toilet... or are toilets going to grow bigger to where you can drop your regular sized laptops into them... and what is considered regular computers lol.... glad u are ok gemini :P
Sent by clueliz,Apr 26, 2013
LOL luckily im not normally clumsy gemini :P PS there is no 31st of April silly x
Sent by connorthomson,Apr 26, 2013
Doing Great sjsoccer88 as a designer your self you know the time and effort involved!! lol... Good Luck on your finals !!!  <  3
Sent by Gemini,Apr 26, 2013
Omg Gemini I would die if my computer broke and I lost some of the things on it :/
But I'm glad that teck was able to get your designs back!! :)
Sent by Etienne,Apr 26, 2013
so would mine gemini lol, love u and miss u too hun xoxo
Sent by seana86,Apr 26, 2013
LOOOL poor you Gemini but glad you're back!
Sent by konohavillage1,Apr 26, 2013
hahaha clueliz  soo true girl!!!   Thank God I  didn't drop it IN the toilet !!  love you!!
Sent by Gemini,Apr 26, 2013
HAHAHAHA !!!    connorthomson  you deffo GOT me!!  I feel like an idiot!!!  Good one!! < 3
Sent by Gemini,Apr 26, 2013
I deffo know that feeling Etienne !!!  Thank God for computer geeks !!
Sent by Gemini,Apr 26, 2013
This never happened to me and it never will after reading this lol

It's great that everything was saved!! :)
Sent by Cromatique,Apr 26, 2013
Awww thanks Konohavillage1  deffo NOT fun lol...
Sent by Gemini,Apr 26, 2013
LOL! Omn i literally fell in tears when i broke my laptop :// im so attached to it that i decided not to buy a new one unless i get that one fixed... So i've been without one for months! ;(
Sent by Anas,Apr 26, 2013
LOL ily
Sent by Jenii_Valenta,Apr 26, 2013
Lmfaoo aww.
Sent by MikeRORO,Apr 26, 2013
oh you!

Sent by BengalBoy,Apr 26, 2013
You couldn't take a 5 minutes break from designing to poop?
Sent by Yolandi,Apr 26, 2013
you type like a 5 year old girl
Sent by JudiCamille,Apr 26, 2013
Ummmm Yolandi  girls sit to pee   FYI ...
Sent by Gemini,Apr 26, 2013
Thanks JudiCamille that means I'm improving :)
Sent by Gemini,Apr 26, 2013
Gemini, I'm actually sitting on the toilet right now with my laptop on my lap....
Sent by JBC8,Apr 26, 2013
Oh boy.. I've not done the laptop/bathroom thing just yet... :P
Sent by trishytrash,Apr 26, 2013
So glad they backed up your amazing designs♥♥
Sent by SexyBanana,Apr 26, 2013
my screens shattered but i just used a vga cable to hook it up to mah tv (Y)
Sent by MoreBeastThanYou,Apr 26, 2013
There will be a day trishytrash   when you're having a very "important" convo and nature calls !!   Just don't take your laptop w/you!! hahahha!!!
Sent by Gemini,Apr 26, 2013
Umm  JBC8   thanks for sharing ;/
Sent by Gemini,Apr 26, 2013
Thanks SexyBanana I was freeking out!!  < 3
Sent by Gemini,Apr 26, 2013
Loool gemini, you naughty girl!! xP
I never tried that, fortunately haha. xD
Sent by rock_on88,Apr 26, 2013
hahah!! rock_on88   Fortunately is right!!!  Deffo not one of my brighter ideas!!  lol..
Sent by Gemini,Apr 26, 2013
Sent by GA097,Apr 26, 2013
its not a problem for me, i have something big between my legs to support it
Sent by blogs,Apr 26, 2013
tech not teck, grammar Nazi here to ruin your day
Sent by djdawg,Apr 26, 2013
hahahahaha omgggg blogs you're too much!!!
Sent by Gemini,Apr 26, 2013
Thanks djdawg I can't spell worth  a poop!!!   hahah!! :)))
Sent by Gemini,Apr 26, 2013
MoreBeastThanYou  so do you use it like that!!?  What a great idea !!  Kinda makes it hard to move around tho doesn't it???  :)))
Sent by Gemini,Apr 26, 2013
hiiiiii gemini +15
Sent by Vitamin,Apr 26, 2013
Looooool < 333
Sent by babiicakes,Apr 26, 2013
not doing that again
Sent by disneygeek,Apr 26, 2013
You need to have a long hard look in the mirror. Just don't bring your laptop with you this time, ay?
Sent by 2cool4school,Apr 26, 2013
I layed my computer on the floor next to my bed one morning I got up and stepped right on my computer. Screen busted keys popped off. It was a disaster :( gemini
Sent by dannyjr0587,Apr 26, 2013
u know what i do that all the time and have been lucky and not drop my laptop yet is the key word
Sent by sweetgirls1008,Apr 26, 2013
I have always worried about doing that Gemini
and Diva1 there is NO WAY IN FREAKIN HELL i would retrieve my phone if it dropped in a port a potty. there are one of the most nastiest places to be in anyway. ugh that is nasty
Sent by aaronstevens4444,Apr 26, 2013
oMGGG dannyjr0587!! I do that all the time!!   Ugggggg 
you poor thing !!   :(
Sent by Gemini,Apr 26, 2013
I feel like if anyone else blogged something like this people would call them obsessed or something lol :P
Sent by Insanity,Apr 26, 2013
Lol that's funny but glad you got your computer fixed
Sent by matthew13,Apr 27, 2013
so glad your computer is back, #mygemi !! we have too much fun, need that laptop working good !! i adore you < 3
Sent by philliesfan09,Apr 28, 2013
LMAO gemini
Sent by sw33t,Jun 3, 2013

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