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Wait.... Whattttt ?!? .... lollll (Pic inside)

19thApr 6, 2013 by Gemini
So today I was going to the bank on my way to work,
and I saw this, and since I'm not the sharpest  knife
in the drawer,  it took a while to register !! lolll

My brain was like.... Wait ... Whatttt the Hell did I just 
read!!!    lol... That does NOT compute !!!

I actually drove past it again to make
sure I read it right the first time!!!!  hahahahha!!! 

Just one of those little  things in life that makes you
question your sanity!!  lolll.. 
Clearly English was NOT the sign makers first language :D

Please +/c if you've a mind to and I'll be glad to return the favor !!!Love you guys!!  Ya'll ROCK Tengaged !!  X0X0X00X0X0X0X0X0X0X


Sent by JaneIIe,Apr 6, 2013
Sent by chameleoneyes,Apr 6, 2013
When the people can't make the food fast enough the ask the drivers to park so they can walk out and give it to them :X
Sent by MoooHades,Apr 6, 2013
Love you gemini -- this is so dumb LOL
Sent by sw33t,Apr 6, 2013
I got it after 3 min lol
Sent by tayman14,Apr 6, 2013
I will say this though, McDonalds here has a couple parking spots dedicated to drive thru because sometimes it takes a little longer than expected to make the food, and they ask you to stop for a bit so that they can actually make a quality piece of shit!
Sent by tomhartnell,Apr 6, 2013
I don't get it either gemini LOL And I've seen a couple of those signs before :S
Sent by ShadowBaller000,Apr 6, 2013
Sent by Stick,Apr 6, 2013
This was at  MY BANK  MoooHades  and tomhartnell  lmaoooooo!!!!
Sent by Gemini,Apr 6, 2013
youre SO fucking funny =]]
Sent by jacksonjoseph99,Apr 6, 2013
fancy neighborhood
Sent by Dusty12910,Apr 6, 2013
hahaha!!  I knoww sw33t ie I was like WTF did I just  read!!  lollll   ily2 < 3
Sent by Gemini,Apr 6, 2013
Excuse my language, but dang, what a mindfuck lol. 4realz!! 0_0
Sent by rock_on88,Apr 6, 2013
oh dear LOL
Sent by connorthomson,Apr 6, 2013
Haaah Thanks ShadowBaller000 !!  Nice to know I'm not the only one!!  loll
Sent by Gemini,Apr 6, 2013
Totally agree rock_on88  !!  I was like HUH??? 4realz < 3
Sent by Gemini,Apr 6, 2013
LOL doesn't make sense.
Sent by Ninihead25,Apr 6, 2013
Wait.... Whattttt ?!? .... lollll
Sent by SexGoddx,Apr 6, 2013
I honestly don't get it :L
Sent by Anas,Apr 6, 2013
this is deffo a weird sign !    i agree w/ what tom h. said, it's gotta be for people who have mistakes in their orders or slow orders who have to pull over to the side after getting their food and run back in or wait.

great blow, this made me laugh hahah !! < 3 you rock #mygemi
Sent by philliesfan09,Apr 6, 2013
I think it's for those people who order for 20 people in the drive through instead of going inside to order! When I am behind someone who takes forever to decide I want to push their car to that parking spot with my car!
Sent by Diva1,Apr 6, 2013
Hahaha!!  This was at MY BANK !!!!  philliesfan09 and Diva1 love you guys!!  < ♥♥♥
Sent by Gemini,Apr 6, 2013
I am valedictorian and still don't get it GEMINI so don't worry you ain't slow
Sent by Cookiewisdom,Apr 7, 2013
awww thankks Cookiewisdom !!  that makes me feel a lot better!!!  lollll
Sent by Gemini,Apr 7, 2013
What in the world?
Sent by konohavillage1,Apr 7, 2013

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