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  1. stream this to give them dinner tonight
  2. it's a SWEET CRAZY LOVE
  3. stan loona
  4. stan loona <3
  5. stan loona
  6. we are.. so cute
  8. i am SICK and TIRED of
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  13. harry styles ate this ass
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  19. you used to call me on my cellphone ):
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  25. luke and you are SO cute
  26. what THE H******FUCK
  27. i want a relationship

2ndAug 2, 2017 by Gardenia
50 - Ok so once I was sucking this guy off, and I was like "mmm baby your cock tastes so good in my mouth." I was going to town bc I love treating the guys I'm with right, so I wasn't looking up at him until he seemed close to the finish line. But I made the mistake of looking up when wanting to bat my eyelashes and I see this freak playing with a LIGHT UP FIDGET SPINNER. I literally was so speechless that I took his dick out of my mouth and stared at him in shock. I was so upset that I didn't even let him come and left lmao

100 - So like during the school year, everyone gets stressed so this guy and I would like make out in the staircase during class to get rid of stress. Weird? Whatever idc it was my way to get rid of pent up stress. Anyways, we were making out and out of nowhere this guy pulls away and I was confused and he deadass goes "Will you be my rope bunny?" And I was concerned because in no way shape or form was I about to be tied up in the school stairwell. Nah sis this guy really started to take off his belt in the middle of the staircase and I literally went "woah would you look at the time?! it's time for me to be in class see you later, thanks for the make out sesh!!"

150 - So I was in Central Park on a date with this one guy, it was going casual and stuff. We ended up seeing the Shakesphere garden with the castle so we decided to visit it because for once, it seemed like there weren't many visitors. We were greeted by the guy downstairs or whatever and we went up the stairs, and this guy really grabbed my ass TWICE. I was like ???? but I let it rock because my ass is fantastic lmaooo :P So we go to the second floor in the inside part and I'm reading the screen and history because I'm curious while talking to the guy, and this creep started putting his hand up in my shirt in an area where tourists could come up ANY second and started whispering in my ear. I started getting flashbacks to the Disney Store fingering incident and had to excuse myself. this isn't as wild but it could've been

200 - Okay this isn't an actual experience like IRL but this was so bad I thought i'd share. So i met this guy and we hit it off REAL well. Somewhere in our conversation I mentioned i loved vanilla milkshakes (they are the So we hit it off REAL well and just started texting bc we're young dumb and broke AND THIS KID DEAD GOES "hi! i'm dr. _____ and today to cure you, I'm gonna serve you a vanilla milkshake with a special twist - my cum in it ;) so it's a vanilla cumshake!" I have NEVER wanted to die more in my life than reading that text lmao

250 - So every year we get exchange students at our school and like a year ago, two rlly cute Spanish twins came - ironically they are famous now so i feel hella lucky (they weren't that famous when i met them but they were vlogging at this point). anyways, their names are emilio and ivan martinez and holy SHIT they were both literal eye candy. Being the person that I am, i felt the need to try to get closer to them and I got to know them more!! I eventually found out I was way more compatible with Ivan than I was Emilio - like let me tell you that I would be daydreaming about Ivan dicking me down in class, it was so bad. I realized that Ivan felt something for me though because he would flirt with me more and more and always wink at me and do the cutest things. Then one night at a party we were both at, we were just talking and stuff and he was like "Torsa, do you wanna go upstairs?" and BOY my panties became niagara falls just hearing the words come out of his mouth because first i literally lusted over him for hella long and two his accent is literally so SEXY. and sis let me tell you all my dreams came true when i went up stairs like i don't know if i'll ever get fucked like that again like my panties were lost in the night and honestly? my pussy was too.

disclaimer: I would like to thank my best pal trollingpenguin for the collaboration on these fake stories xo (only 200 was real lol)


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2 scandalous stories coming up
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torsa sending them to me to proofread bitch ever heard of grammarly?
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did u bat ur ardell double ups
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I am shook
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OMg thats so sad
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tell the one about fucking on union square in public next
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milkisgood i was saving that for later!
Sent by Gardenia,Aug 2, 2017
gardenia sorry i was just excited to see you reveal your sex secrets
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what the hell
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LOL I know I've seen this before
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Ok cool

You're a girl right?
Sent by rosemulet,Aug 3, 2017
250 is a fanfic and I don't even know who they are

What's the Disney Store Fingering Incident?!?!
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Can you hit up the Martinez twins and tell them to ask Jake if I can join Team 10?
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arent you like 12

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i miss you so f'ing much. The  church of  Jackie Ibsabelle Ibara supports this blog
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masonx I was reading over my Jackie blog yesterday I miss her so much
jadennator1 ofc!!
mathboy9 I did one last year with different stories!
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it's a vanilla cumshake!
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ur a hoe.
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masonx I DO MISS YOU!!!
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vanilla cumshake!
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