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  1. it's a SWEET CRAZY LOVE
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  4. stan loona
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4thJul 27, 2016 by Gardenia
50 - once i had a boy come over at like 10 am because he'd been asking me to hook up so much and i was bored and said why not and the only time my house is free (his mom is a stay at home mom so) was the morning so he literally came over and we fucked around BUT MY FURNITURE WAS SQUEAKING A LOT SO I HOPE MY NEIGHBORS DIDN'T HEAR how embarrassing

100 - Once I was coming home from a Sweet 16 with a boy around like midnight. We were on the N train and the guy that I was coming home with started to massage my thighs and I moaned a bit and an old person on the other side of the cart giggled. So weird and embarrassing lmaoooo

150 - Okay another time, I was in the locker room at school and I was on my P so I had to change my tampon and this boy legit snuck in (it was between 6th period and lunch) and tapped me on the shoulder while I was in my undies with a bloody tampon in my hand. I was so shocked I dropped it and he PICKED IT UP then told me “You look hot when you’re scared”. We kissed and then dated for 2 months, turns out that was his game though. Haha fml

200 - So with this same boy that I was dating for 2 months, we went to the a store in Time Square, (if you have been this specific store, you will know there is a castle on the 2nd floor at least while I was there) so we went inside the castle and it was late at night again so there weren’t many people inside the store and it was just before closing time, so we went inside and played around (making out n stuff u know). He put his hands inside my pants but I smacked the shit outta him that was nasty like don't do that SHIT in public. He still touched close enough and LICKED HIS FINGERS then MOANED (my face at this point was a poker face lmao). The employee came up to us giggled and said “you two ain’t the first, want a towel?” I was so shocked LMAO

250 - OKAY a lot of my stories are with the same guy because i just started getting frisky my sophomore year of high school LOL. so he broke up w me after 2 months but he still wanted to fuck around which ig after a while i was down for lmao. so we met up at this park in manhattan cus like no one really pays any attention to others when in a big ass park. so this kid deadass tries to grab my ass when we were lying on the grass IN PUBLIC and he tried doing other shit lmaoo. and like i got so scared bc i see one of his squad members come out of nowhere while we're right next to each other. LIKE I SAW HIM COMING JUST AS WE FINISHED MAKING OUT and ugh i don't even want to talk about what happened after but just know some weird shit went down lmao

300 - I was at another sweet 16 (cus you know all my friends and I are turning 16 this year lol) and this guy and i snuck into his bedroom to quickly hook up u know cus new york city kids are wild AF. i only went with him bc he was hot lmao. turned out when we went into his bedroom, the kid was into BDSM which i’m not very fond of lool like he dead had a whip, chains and pink fuzzy cuffs. what a freakyyyyy kid like i ended up telling him we should hook up another time cus it’d be sus but we never hooked up bc i was weirded out a bit lmao

350 - okay so this one is also with my ex lmao. we were at his friend’s free (idek why i was invited i don’t even really talk to his squad but w/e). we kept making eye contact and the free was blasting music so he got up and went to the bathroom and gave me a sign to follow him. i was kind of bored of the free so a few minutes later i got up and went to the bathroom. he sneaks me in without anyone looking and you can imagine the rest :) (we didn’t fuck but :))

400 - OKAY AGAIN WITH MY EX, WE WERE GOING TO THE BEACH USING PUBLIC TRANSPORT BC WE LIVE IN NEW YORK LOL. so the bus ride to this place deadass took an hour so you know we got kind of bored and we were all the way in the back of the bus. lmaoooo long story short i ended up giving him a handy and he fingered me what a great time. #subwaymoansbelit #busmoansbelit

450 - THIS WAS RIGHT AFTER POKEMON GO GOT RELEASED. so another guy has been wanting to hook up with me for a while and i was kind of avoiding it lmao. but he got me because he knew i was playing pokemon go a lot because i kept posting it on my snapchat story about it. so he downloaded the game and sent me a screenshot showing me that his house is literally near a poke stop. i ended up going over because w/e the guy wanted to hook up plus every so often i’d check my phone in the middle of it so i can get XP from the poke stop and pokeballs. also another fun thing about this one was that i caught a charmander while i made his digglett squritle.


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one time i skipped class
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can i take my plus back this is vile
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oh my god I thought it was going be like you pranked someone or something holy shit
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Eli is an odd kid
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I did not see this coming
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Ok you are 10 stop it
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torsa getting freaky in the disney store LOL
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Im waiting for an update
Till then ill be preparing my popcorn
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LMAO wtf why are you blogging this
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Im waiting for an update
Till then ill be preparing my popcorn
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my diglett is getting hard just reading these stories
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my meowthy squirtled at this
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I knew these were fake (doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure that out) but they were all good for a laugh
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icarus_mark haha yeah that's what i was going for :P
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what the fuck is this gay shit
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