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  1. someone make a LOONA outfit
  2. oh yeah we gettin top blogs for cursing out ween?
  3. god i moved into college today
  4. stream hi high & stan loona!!!
  5. Stan Loona
  6. send nudes
  7. danganronpa is So good
  8. NOW is the time to stan LOONA... this SLAPPED
  9. stan loona ladies
  10. fuck gagaluv stan loona instead x
  11. best f2 ever
  12. we are.. so cute
  14. i am SICK and TIRED of
  15. ⚠ NO LYING GAME ⚠
  16. HI fatties
  17. I know I can treat you better
  18. HTGAWM Character Ranking
  19. it's fukcng frezing in new york
  20. harry styles ate this ass
  21. yeah
  22. what's the latest that USPS
  23. i wish someone would laugh and smile at me
  24. htgawm characters as zodiac signs
  25. IKWYDLS leaked
  26. you used to call me on my cellphone ):
  27. good night!

what's the latest that USPS

Dec 21, 2015 by Gardenia
will ring ur doorbell please say like 8PM


sometimes those mofos don't even doorbell. they just leave your gift on your doorstep. i hate them
Sent by bunnycat,Dec 21, 2015
most usps close at 5 so 5pm
Sent by Homer88,Dec 21, 2015
sometimes they dont ring but the latest for me is 7PM
Sent by mathboy9,Dec 21, 2015
bunnycat LOL i live in an apartment building they have to ring to get in here
Sent by Gardenia,Dec 21, 2015

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