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  1. it's a SWEET CRAZY LOVE
  2. stan loona
  3. stan loona <3
  4. stan loona
  5. we are.. so cute
  7. i am SICK and TIRED of
  8. ⚠ NO LYING GAME ⚠
  9. I know I can treat you better
  10. HTGAWM Character Ranking
  11. it's fukcng frezing in new york
  12. harry styles ate this ass
  13. yeah
  14. what's the latest that USPS
  15. i wish someone would laugh and smile at me
  16. htgawm characters as zodiac signs
  17. IKWYDLS leaked
  18. you used to call me on my cellphone ):
  19. good night!
  20. shoutout to my two fans
  21. How are
  24. luke and you are SO cute
  25. what THE H******FUCK
  26. i want a relationship
  27. I just slept for 11 hours

htgawm characters as zodiac signs

Dec 5, 2015 by Gardenia
aries - wes gibbins
taurus - oliver hampton
gemini - annalise keating
cancer - bonnie winterbottom
leo - frank delfino
virgo - emily sinclair
libra - sam keating
scorpio - asher millstone
sagittarius - michaela pratt
capricorn - connor walsh
aquarius - laurel castillo
pisces - rebecca sutter

and no this is not accurate but pls comment i want t$$$$$$$


amg just cause 9/11 happened because of muslims, means that we're all terrorists!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111111111111111111111
Yeah, no Carolyn. That's not even funny, nor does it make logical sense. :S Just cause Obama is rumored to be muslim [but he's christian i think], doesn't make a difference. He might have different beliefs, but as all the other presidents and the people who want to become the president of the USA, he wants to give America a change. A better change. I'm really disgusted and shocked that out of all people, you would say this. You're one of the older people on tengaged, and to think that I thought you'd be mature in a situation like this, my mistake! :|
And I thought that you would know that this website is filled with teenagers who can't even vote yet, and this website also has muslims like myself... Do you have any idea of how much that sentence offended me...? Probably not cause you're going around and saying it. Ummmmm, I have nothing else to say at this point cause I'm just really shocked and disgusted! Oh yeah, please grow up and stop saying that muslims are terrorists, when not every muslim is a terrorist... :S
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sagittarius - michaela pratt

i love it
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yes @ me
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