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  1. Skype is trash and Discord outsold wooooh
  3. so feet pics for $20 anyone?
  4. any1 interested in playing a
  5. i will be seeing you in court!
  6. it's a SWEET CRAZY LOVE
  7. take me high HIGH high HIGH
  8. god i moved into college today
  9. stream hi high & stan loona!!!
  10. send nudes
  11. danganronpa is So good
  12. NOW is the time to stan LOONA... this SLAPPED
  13. stan loona ladies
  14. fuck gagaluv stan loona instead x
  15. best f2 ever
  16. we are.. so cute
  18. i am SICK and TIRED of
  19. ⚠ NO LYING GAME ⚠
  20. I know I can treat you better
  21. HTGAWM Character Ranking
  22. it's fukcng frezing in new york
  23. harry styles ate this ass
  24. yeah
  25. what's the latest that USPS
  26. i wish someone would laugh and smile at me
  27. htgawm characters as zodiac signs
  28. IKWYDLS leaked

good night!

Oct 20, 2015 by Gardenia
i'm about to get another 44% on my physics test(:


Ur gonna ace it torsa
Sent by tyboy618,Oct 20, 2015

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