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Big Brother and online Hunger games.


3rdMay 4, 2021 by Galaxies
And I'll tell you what our relationship would be like if we knew each other IRL!

#Admir - We would probably be classmates in university who don't talk outside of class, but we have that chemistry when we make fun of the professor during breaks.

#Kaylabby - I see you and me as having that kind of relationship where we were really close in the past, but we grew up and went different directions in life. But when we run into each other, we pick up from where we left off seamlessly.

#Kiara_xoxo - We would be friendly strangers who take our daily powerwalks in the same area at the same time. We stop to have a quick, pleasant conversation when we happen to run into each other.

#Mbarnish1 - Old classmates that follow each other on instagram and like each others' posts all these years later. We don't have much in common as adults but we had our good times when we were kids.

#BengalBoy - Being that our mutual gym operates late into the night, we'd be two of the people who go at 2 A.M. to exercise in peace. Being that you're experienced and I'm still on my fitness journey, you'd give me tons of fitness pointers and help me learn the ropes of weightlifting when we catch each other at the benches.

#Lexeyjane - We would be in completely different circles, careers, groups, etc. but still be able to shoot the shit together because we have a shared sense of humor.

#7unarEclipse - We would probably have siblings that are friends with each other and know one another through that, but not have much in common ourselves so nothing ever blossoms.

#Alexclow345 - Childhood friends that grew up playing video games together. The kind of friend where when you go to their house, you know the layout of the kitchen and where the good snacks are.

#EricCabello - You'd be someone who's in a lot of the same classes as me but because we come into it having different study circles, we don't know much about each other but have mutual respect.

#Jessie_ - An early friend from when we were both in a new situation and didn't know anyone else, but eventually we branch into different directions and feel like strangers again.

#Joey96 - Someone I've known all my life but as time goes on, I start to steer clear of you because I realize you're actually fucking weird as hell and everyone who warned me about you was right.

#Rowjone - We have a break that slightly overlaps and both of us spend our breaks in the same corner of the library, so every time I'm on my way in you give me your seat and it eventually turns into a "hey, seat guy!" kind of acknowledgment.

#NotNicky333 - I'd be someone you met in our high school physical education class in which I was a few grades over you and gave you all the TEA about the teachers.

#Peace123 - Bitch, you're probably that cunt at the drive thru that gets my order wrong at a frequency so high I could report you to corporate. But being that I've worked in service, I keep my mouth shut and tolerate the extra time spent walking back into the store to pick up the rest of my order.

#PureEssence - Casual study acquaintances, probably. Someone who I took a few general education classes with and being that we're both overachievers, we work together and laugh at the people who can't score an A on an easy exam.

#KingB24 - A coworker who I can complain to and with and you get it because it's always been the same shit. Not someone who I ever get particularly close to, but the acquaintanceship works within the confines of work.

#Levonini - You'd be that kid from high school who everyone knew was getting high before, during, and also after class. Nobody thought you'd amount to much but you end up surprisingly successful and show everyone up at the reunion.

#Electric - I feel like we'd be the kind of pals where we're in totally different friend groups but we can be cool around each other as well. The kind of guy you grab a seat next to when you see him in a class.

#Rennac - Probably friends who just nerd out. Talk about video games and snack and watch movies. The kind of person to just waste time with.

#Tbrown_47 - We would lead very different lives but if I ever want to go to a concert, you'd be the first person I call up. Even if it's an artist the other has never heard of, we trust each other's taste enough that we'll go blind.

#Franzella - I see you as that person who's not necessarily my CLOSEST friend, but we get each other, especially each other's sense of humor. We would be in iMessage chats and troll the rest of our mutual friends.

#HamburgerBunzz - We'd be the kind of friends who are so different from one another that we spend time together because we're just so intrigued by the other's personality.

#Blahblahblahblah - Kind of friend I could call up for literally any reason at all. If you wanted to go grab lunch I'd take an hour off work and drive to whatever overpriced cafe you chose. Or we could go to the zoo and lightly harass the animals.

#Jaxon - You seem like that kind of person I would KNOW OF for a long time, but it would take something random to spark a true friendship. And then after that we'd be the kind of friends who tell each other everything and follow each other on Twitter.

#Gabrieltrezza - The kind of person I could see as an ally when they're my coworker. We make fun of the rest of our team in secret because they're all fucking losers.

#iiCreazyGX - You remind me of a lot of the students I used to tutor, so we would have that friendly tutor-tutee thing! I could help you ace your math exams.

#3pi14159 - In the least offensive way possible, you would be one of my geek friends who I don't relate to at all in any way except for our nerdiness. I like nerdy topics when it comes to academia but I really can't relate to the people around me's interests LMAO.

#Hisoka - Bar buddies, obviously. Like Ted and Barney. That's all I have to say.

#ButterCup13 - We'd furiously message each other about new music every Friday at 12:00 AM when our mutual favorites drop a new album. Music is the language.

#Hunty - I would get in my car, I would drive to your place and I'd kill you in your shitty little apartment. And that'll be it.

#Kindred7 - We would be workout buddies, obviously. Going to the gym, pretending to be effective but really we're looking at the clock and counting every minute. Afterwards, we would go to In N Out and convince ourselves it's healthy because we're getting the soda diet.

#Phenomanimal - You give me hiker vibes, and I feel like you'd want to climb Mount Everest. I see you as someone who works in the same building as me and every time we run into each other I bring up the Mount Everest thing (or fill in the blank fact about you) but because we're working for different companies, we're too far to reach our full potential.

#DarkTyphoon23 - Study buddies who don't get ANYTHING done. We would spend all of two hours in a booked study room complaining about how bad the lecture was, how poorly the syllabus is structured, and how messy the professor's handwriting is.

#Singsongers - Not sure how devout you are, but maybe we'd have known each other growing up from going to the same Temple. Know each other from a young age but never really end up in the same circles!

#JonMcGillis - The April Ludgate to my daily affairs. Someone who works in the same vicinity as me and always has something interesting to say, but besides being a side character to my routine there sadly isn't a strong connection.

Captainzacsparrow - An old friend from my younger days who would encourage me to do stupid shit like... get in fights, LMAO. We grow up and get adult careers but still remember the good times.

Jakehou97 - I feel like we'd have that childhood friend history from elementary school or something, and then reconnect as adults and become best guy friends again.

Sihz - We'd probably be drinking buddies, going to bars and getting as wasted as possible. But not in a trashy way.

Marwane - You give me roommate energy, the kind of person who's not necessarily involved in the day-to-day going-ons but we reconnect at the end and kind of make fun of all the weird events of the day.

Skyler1822 - My SMART friend. The kind of friend who I would clean up my apartment/house for and actually cook a respectable brunch for. We'd be apart of an adult friend group who talks about things like politics and stocks.

Lynn12 - Trying to not come off creepy or flirting, you seem like someone I would see myself in a relationship with... LOL. Being kind and an amazing chef are two of the most important qualities to me, and you check both those boxes!

TotalDramaLover1234 - We would probably become mutual friends from our love of TD when we were younger and then just grow into casual friends throughout adulthood, reconnecting when we happen to run into each other.

Voila - Probably we'd meet at a study center and have interesting conversations about faith and the meaning of life. Not close friends, but someone who can always spark an interesting conversation.

iiGalaxyii - I feel like you'd be the friend who always wants to do something. Go up to the mountains or drive to a theme park or go to some overpriced restaurant for the fuck of it. The kind of friend you keep around to have a good time.

Sosyomomma - I somehow barely know anything about you making this difficult, so... I'll just say you're someone who hangs out in the garage and leaves the door up. And every time I walk by your house you give me a nod, and I nod back.

CarolinaSteele - Something about you gives off girlfriend's best friend vibes. Like I'd come home from work and you guys would be chatting and maybe baking something together. So I would know you but not know that much about you.

Useamint - I feel like you'd be the kind of coworker to mess with me. Not in a Jim and Pam kinda way, but smaller meaningless pranks just to make the day a little less dull.

Woeisme - We'd be friendly neighbors who have a chat every time we run into each other at the coffee stand outside our apartment complex. You have interesting perspectives to share with me, and we'd always say we should arrange to have dinner or something but it never happens.

Symmetry888 - That friend who sends me every funny meme she encounters. And I mean EVERY meme. I try to send some back but I'm hopeless in the pursuit of out-memeing you.

iSandeh - That person who works in the same building as me and takes breaks at the same time, and they kind of sit in the corner of the break room laughing at the monotony of my job.

Joey65409 - We'd be friends from high school that still shoot the shit here and there. Shooting some hoops and having a beer whenever we're in the same town.

Minie - You'd be my landlady and you would want SO BAD to be involved in my daily life. Somehow there ends up being a routine inspection every time I'm in the apartment, and somehow you need to be there for it. I'm your favorite tenant and because of that you let me send my payments in late and give me unlimited access to the vending machine.

KingGeek - Talking-shit-buddies from high school. Not necessarily besties when we leave the classroom, but while we were in it we would spend it laughing at the ridiculousness of the teacher or some other students on that day.

Peterya - The kind of friends who hang out randomly and make each other crack the fuck up. We could be doing whatever and it wouldn't matter because we'd have a good time.

Cheritaisdelicious - I see you as being one of those people that were in powerful positions over me when I was younger, but now I can just mess with and they can't do shit about. Like a high school teacher or a librarian. AND I DON'T MEAN THAT IN A BAD WAY BEFORE YOU GET MAD.

HeavyRain - I feel like we'd be friends of friends, so whenever our mutual friend has a gathering or something we would briefly catch up then. But we're a little too different to be close friends ourselves.

Colehausman271 - I don't know anything about you outside of your love for Frooks and Crystal Cox, so I'll say you would be that kid I knew from way back when that still spends his days gaming.

Jason_2_12 - Because you have a daughter you'd probably be too busy to hang out, but I could see us being neighbors that get together every year for an independence day cookout or something along those lines.

JasonXtreme - You'd be my friend of college that taught me about sports because I know absolutely NOTHING about them. It'd start as a friendship of convenience, like from living in the same hall or something, but we'd actually grow to be good buds.

Tonyalbright - You seem like you wouldn't be the kind of person to want to work under a corporate hood, so you'd be some kind of freelancer I go out to get drinks with after work every once in a while.

AmandaBynes - You'd be the friend who pressures me into trying every fucking illegal substance you can think of and get your hands on. And then you'd have me do stupid shit that you know I'll regret.

RedFabFoxy - I definitely think you'd be one of my rule-following friends that keeps me in line when I feel like acting out. If I feel like doing something stupid, such as quitting my job and moving to a new country, you'd talk sense into me.

BarbraStreisand - You're one of those people I would be circumstantially close to. For example if we had a class together we'd be talking all the time that semester, but once we're no longer in that kind of structure we kind of drop off.

Yawnha - I would probably be your physics tutor. I would ask for an exorbitant amount of money because I'm really good at what I do, but your parents would fork it out for the best.


You and your pyns
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I really like this pyn btw i hope you update :)
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lmao I get that. Me as a librarian and you're all I'M GROWN UP NOW, YOU CAN'T TELL ME TO SHHHH ANYMORE and I'm like SIR THIS IS STILL A LIBRARY.
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