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  1. send nudes
  3. Imagine still getting mad over frooks
  4. ...icon
  5. I vict to evote Tom
  6. I have to laugh
  7. Remember Julie breaking up a heartfelt moment
  8. Truth is
  9. You need to humble yourself
  10. Harry Potter and the Audacity of this bitch
  11. The most pathetic thing anyhow
  12. save me in stars
  13. Summary of me in Stars
  14. lol
  15. New tengagers will never get the frustration
  16. me @ stars
  17. Well Daniel winning the raffle opens a spot
  18. LeBron James
  19. Soooo
  20. Tag yourself
  21. sis
  23. lol wait
  24. lol
  25. not A gown... THAT gown
  26. Any VH1 stream (not the VH1 website)
  27. Bryce Keesh really did that
  28. Inchresting
  29. Health: 28 %
  30. Gus Kenworthy can stick his ski in me
  31. Latrice pissed me off this episode
  32. which dick from Mix's callout was the best
  33. Lol this is a joke
  34. I only wear Tengaged Couture
  35. Men on Grindr are so pathetic
  36. joins with premade
  37. Cut the spanish some slack
  38. Ok but...
  39. after eating MEXICAN
  40. Thx dad

Remember when

Sep 18, 2018 by Funnehliner
People thought GinaMarie could win BB15 after she ridiculed someone for being adopted in front of everyone bc me too


Girl nobody thought she COULD win, we just wanted her to over anyone else in that f5
Sent by mastropola,Sep 18, 2018

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