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  1. Me @ 7 AS3 Queens being alternates
  2. Send nudes
  3. Well I made the top 83K in HQ I guess?
  4. People are speculating about
  5. Talking about gross
  6. No title
  7. No title
  8. This is tea
  9. Is it his birthday this week :o
  10. So hold on lol
  11. Spot the Error
  12. We love
  14. People need to hop off Julian's dick
  15. Imagine looking like this and attacking people..
  16. lol I'm so uneducated
  17. Ya cmon
  18. I know you love me baby,
  19. TG DRAG RACE 1
  20. Yikes
  21. send nudes
  22. underwear and no sweatpants ;)
  23. Funny
  24. J U S T I C E ~ S E R V E D
  25. Johneh as GC wasn't the reason
  26. Listen you ignorant ball of grease
  28. thx for the sponsors fam
  30. All I can say about this Stars
  31. danger - had a big line of coke on his dick
  32. RasCity
  33. RasCity
  34. No title
  35. Hi,
  36. Me "not using multis"
  37. I will ask again
  38. Do you like Ametrine?
  39. wow!
  40. Also this is funny

Also this is funny

Mar 7, 2018 by Funnehliner
Ametrine Finally I got him

I see you also spent your time using multis, but that doesn't shock me after you turned nearly suicidal over getting 5th in THG and then kept acting like it didn't bother you

And judging from the blogs I've seen about you recently yep, you are a trash person, you ONLY have friends because of your multis and you should get some help

xoxo, u know u love me

Sent by Girllover101,Mar 7, 2018
Can u enter in my Big Brother Pros Vs Nubs?...You are in the pro team
pls enter you are my idol
Sent by FoxyWinters,Mar 7, 2018
Didn’t even multi you out faggot, I went to 1 day hunny Funnehliner
Idk if I even evicted you.
Sent by Ametrine,Mar 7, 2018

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