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  2. This host rigs all of his games for returness
  3. Imagine still supporting Trump
  5. Sam wins BB20
  6. "Swaggy C" cancelled
  7. Suddenly I stan Sam
  8. OMG she is on Big Brother
  9. DK111 is a skinny legend
  11. What the fuck
  12. My GPA is dance
  13. Imagine thinking exposing nudes is funny and..
  14. yikes
  15. First Hunger Win ever khi
  16. Oh wow
  17. Did this bitch just win again...
  18. What about
  19. It’s just...
  20. Is Kameron the first to survive 3 in a row?
  21. ngl
  22. You're kind of an idiot lol
  23. If you pee clear, cheer
  24. I'm annoyed @ MasterChef lol
  25. It's very simple
  26. My pussy tastes like pepsi cola
  27. join hunga
  28. If I was on S38
  30. I once got perm banned on Habbo
  31. lol @ a multi winning the raffle
  32. Fuck off @ Joe Anglim
  33. Yikes
  34. why is everyone talking about autism
  35. Brown Cow, stunning!
  36. Favorite Part of the Night
  37. We love iconic lip syncs
  38. lol @ CBS spoiling 6th place
  39. This season is the worst lol
  40. Wendell is so pressed

Also this is funny

Mar 7, 2018 by Funnehliner
Ametrine Finally I got him

I see you also spent your time using multis, but that doesn't shock me after you turned nearly suicidal over getting 5th in THG and then kept acting like it didn't bother you

And judging from the blogs I've seen about you recently yep, you are a trash person, you ONLY have friends because of your multis and you should get some help

xoxo, u know u love me

Sent by Girllover101,Mar 7, 2018
Can u enter in my Big Brother Pros Vs Nubs?...You are in the pro team
pls enter you are my idol
Sent by FoxyWinters,Mar 7, 2018
Didn’t even multi you out faggot, I went to 1 day hunny Funnehliner
Idk if I even evicted you.
Sent by Ametrine,Mar 7, 2018

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