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  1. OMG she is on Big Brother
  2. DK111 is a skinny legend
  4. What the fuck
  5. My GPA is dance
  6. Imagine thinking exposing nudes is funny and..
  7. yikes
  8. First Hunger Win ever khi
  9. Oh wow
  10. Did this bitch just win again...
  11. What about
  12. It’s just...
  13. Is Kameron the first to survive 3 in a row?
  14. ngl
  15. You're kind of an idiot lol
  16. If you pee clear, cheer
  17. I'm annoyed @ MasterChef lol
  18. It's very simple
  19. My pussy tastes like pepsi cola
  20. join hunga
  21. If I was on S38
  23. I once got perm banned on Habbo
  24. lol @ a multi winning the raffle
  25. Fuck off @ Joe Anglim
  26. Yikes
  27. why is everyone talking about autism
  28. Brown Cow, stunning!
  29. Favorite Part of the Night
  30. We love iconic lip syncs
  31. lol @ CBS spoiling 6th place
  32. This season is the worst lol
  33. Wendell is so pressed
  34. I hate Yanny on Survivor Ghost Island
  35. My opinion on the Brxan vs Ametrine Drama
  36. "You aren't fake"
  37. lmfao you are such a fake saddo
  38. lmfao ok
  39. I am Spanish.
  40. Me @ the Cyprus host in front of a greenscreen

A cut out of my Stars Convos~

Mar 6, 2018 by Funnehliner
[05.03.2018 23:47:13] JORDAN ( crush ) : That last dc was crazyyyyyuy
[05.03.2018 23:52:18] SayAhhlex: lolllol indeed
[05.03.2018 23:55:39] JORDAN: You seem mad
[05.03.2018 23:56:13] SayAhhlex: H no I’m chill as fuck
[05.03.2018 23:56:21] SayAhhlex: I tried to do something funny and it flopped so
[05.03.2018 23:56:24] SayAhhlex: Moving on lmaoooo

(He proceeds to not respond)

[15:59:54] JORDAN: You came at me last minute scrambling to nominate Jenna/Sasha.   Literally 20 minutes before dc. How am I suppose to do that? Nobody in this chat really talks. You sign on for 20 minutes than log off. How am I suppose to work with people who can’t communicate clearly. I’m. Not sleeping ANYONE. First and for most. I make my own decisions .  This isn’t the human centipede. & Alex hunny i did NOT nominate you for 16th. I tried to help you out.
[16:00:16] SayAhhlex: you literally dont even talk to me in the game in general
[16:00:17] SayAhhlex: lol
[16:00:24] SayAhhlex: you messaged me saying "i seemed mad" I said im chill
[16:00:26] SayAhhlex: and then you left me on read
[16:00:28] SayAhhlex: like fuck outta here
[16:00:36] JORDAN: Bitch I was sleep


[05.03.2018 23:32:57] SayAhhlex: like this could get me nommed for 12th so awks
[05.03.2018 23:33:53] Jenna Valentina: Yeah maybe but i dont want you up lol
[05.03.2018 23:34:54] SayAhhlex: oh lol
[05.03.2018 23:34:59] SayAhhlex: is there anything floating around at all rn
[05.03.2018 23:35:07] SayAhhlex: i mean i dont expect it cause its like 30 mins but
[05.03.2018 23:35:10] SayAhhlex: people are cray lol
[05.03.2018 23:35:44] Jenna Valentina: Ill let you know

[07:36:31] SayAhhlex: I heard I’m a counter with Lamar so that’s a big bruh
[07:36:52] Jenna Valentina: yeah :(
[07:37:03] Jenna Valentina: you might have to lipsync
[07:37:05] SayAhhlex: (unamused)
[07:37:33] Jenna Valentina: you two are funny but i mean you tried to get me last time
[07:37:46] SayAhhlex: lmao I mean yeah
[07:38:03] SayAhhlex: I said it was fine but then you said you didn’t want me to go up regardless so why am I still a counter (mm)
[07:38:24] Jenna Valentina: I didn't say the name but I was like "fuck it"
[07:38:39] Jenna Valentina: no one has told me otherwise


[14:40:01] Jordan009 : Who do think is best to nom today
[14:45:36] SayAhhlex : I mean I don’t fucking know
[14:50:21] Jordan : Perfect I’ll do the same


You can tell why I'm having fun with this game


loves jordan
Sent by RoboZoe,Mar 6, 2018
[14:45:36] SayAhhlex : I mean I don’t fucking know
[14:50:21] Jordan : Perfect I’ll do the same
Sent by LuckyLefty,Mar 6, 2018
Sent by crush,Mar 6, 2018

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