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  1. OMG she is on Big Brother
  2. DK111 is a skinny legend
  4. What the fuck
  5. My GPA is dance
  6. Imagine thinking exposing nudes is funny and..
  7. yikes
  8. First Hunger Win ever khi
  9. Oh wow
  10. Did this bitch just win again...
  11. What about
  12. It’s just...
  13. Is Kameron the first to survive 3 in a row?
  14. ngl
  15. You're kind of an idiot lol
  16. If you pee clear, cheer
  17. I'm annoyed @ MasterChef lol
  18. It's very simple
  19. My pussy tastes like pepsi cola
  20. join hunga
  21. If I was on S38
  23. I once got perm banned on Habbo
  24. lol @ a multi winning the raffle
  25. Fuck off @ Joe Anglim
  26. Yikes
  27. why is everyone talking about autism
  28. Brown Cow, stunning!
  29. Favorite Part of the Night
  30. We love iconic lip syncs
  31. lol @ CBS spoiling 6th place
  32. This season is the worst lol
  33. Wendell is so pressed
  34. I hate Yanny on Survivor Ghost Island
  35. My opinion on the Brxan vs Ametrine Drama
  36. "You aren't fake"
  37. lmfao you are such a fake saddo
  38. lmfao ok
  39. I am Spanish.
  40. Me @ the Cyprus host in front of a greenscreen

Leaked TG Drag Race Final 2

Mar 5, 2018 by Funnehliner
Phoebe St. Jefferson
Goreta Gore

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