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  1. We love iconic lip syncs
  2. lol @ CBS spoiling 6th place
  3. This season is the worst lol
  4. Wendell is so pressed
  5. I hate Yanny on Survivor Ghost Island
  6. My opinion on the Brxan vs Ametrine Drama
  7. "You aren't fake"
  8. lmfao you are such a fake saddo
  9. lmfao ok
  10. I am Spanish.
  11. Me @ the Cyprus host in front of a greenscreen
  12. Wow Germany not flopping for once
  13. Wow I love the amount of multis
  14. Remember when the Jury Vote ruined Eurovision
  15. My 3 recent hunga placements are cute
  16. Apple
  17. Me @ The Rock wanting to run for president
  18. I mean
  19. lmfao
  20. My HOT and FLEXIBLE body allows me to exercise in..
  22. Drag Race Spoiler Question
  24. pls join fastings to give me 15th
  25. send nudes
  26. That part
  27. lol
  28. BAN the Hackers pls
  29. DO IT CALL 911
  30. lol
  31. [PIC] HighNoon's Face
  32. [PIC] HighNoon's Face
  33. No title
  34. No title
  35. lol
  36. Okay sorry but you are psycho
  37. "They aren't mine"
  38. L. o. L.
  39. Okay this is pathetic LMFAO
  40. Blair St. Clair HIGH HIGH HIGH


Feb 2, 2018 by Funnehliner
Carsonl can father my babies even tho it's genetically impossible


why do u want me to babysit
Sent by Carsonl,Feb 2, 2018

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