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  1. My name is the Stormin Latter-Day Saint
  2. Sam is deadass trying to get Haleigh nommed
  3. No title
  4. Wait what is bamold's multi lol
  5. Why are there only 5 veto players
  6. Fessy's IQ is probably like 60
  7. He nominated Scottie.......
  8. The word bed looks like a bed
  9. Remember
  11. Faysal is winning
  12. We love a classy exit
  13. Who cares about Tyler's family
  14. Fuck off Janet,
  15. I hope Kaycee goes home
  16. Of course [BB20]
  17. Unpopular Opinion
  18. I'm so used to giving
  19. I won Hunger 1 time!
  20. lol dude wtf
  21. omg multis were used in stars
  22. Danny's blog is a crock of shit
  23. Yes.... she IS a bitch!
  25. UGH
  26. I hope Tyler loses the veto he needs
  27. Funny how everyone calls the hacker comp unfair
  28. GinaMarie has the worst BB opinions
  30. Had Kaitlyn won the buyback
  31. No title
  32. cmon Roadkill competition
  33. 30x60 = 1200
  34. I hope Sam flips her vote
  35. Wait what was peeps' multi
  36. Reminder
  37. I hope tonight is fight night on BB
  38. This post screams ignorance lol
  40. Reminder


Jan 31, 2018 by Funnehliner
I've seen a good portion of very ignorant comments about depression over the past few HOURS and it's really irritating me

Depression is not a fucking joke and your "why are you always depressed" shit won't help, it's a MENTAL ILLNESS and it doesn't heal within 2 fucking days, it's a long. fucking. process.

Stop being insensitive pieces of shit because ain't nobody is saying shit about your mental issues either lol


U seem (de)pressed about this topic. Sorry dad
Sent by peace123,Jan 31, 2018
Sent by Carsonl,Jan 31, 2018
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Don't forget to @
and stfu lol why r u so sensitive
Sent by Arris,Jan 31, 2018
peace123 choke on my dick
Sent by Funnehliner,Jan 31, 2018
Arris choke on my dick
Sent by Funnehliner,Jan 31, 2018
Sent by maturo,Jan 31, 2018
Funnehliner OK daddy
Sent by peace123,Jan 31, 2018
Jasmines coming on my show ask her a question
Sent by BrendaMeekz,Jan 31, 2018

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