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  1. wearing black
  2. good thing Trust is hot
  3. European HQ being like 30K people is nice
  5. Ariadna for America's Fave
  6. lol wtf @ Final HOH evicting 3 people
  7. Refer me on HQ: AlexViv
  8. Your Mrs. Jones was not graceful
  9. The winner
  10. I’m german and skinny tyvm
  11. My breast milk is depleting
  12. Please make the decision that is best for
  14. Refer me on HQ: AlexViv
  15. tbh
  16. TOP BLOG
  17. TBH
  18. No title
  19. The one good thing about CBBUS
  20. Ross Matthews will win CBBUS
  21. Shup up
  22. Let’s say
  23. lol mcscuse me bitch
  24. I'm salty
  25. Remember when
  26. Brazilian tengagers are the scum of earth lol
  27. I look pretty good for a dead bitch
  28. Can someone send me 10000$ via PayPal
  29. My password is
  30. Remember the iconic LymaW
  31. um bitch
  32. No title
  33. Etienne the psychopath
  34. y'all need to hop off scooby's dick
  35. Question
  36. Whenever I swallow it hurts
  37. send nudes
  38. wow I almost made THG payouts by doing nothing
  39. horny whore
  40. send nudes

Let’s say

Jan 28, 2018 by Funnehliner
Someone who you found to be hot wasn’t interested because of specific physical aspects and a few months later after you’ve gone through a title change, they’re interested

Do you go for it or pass


how bad was the turn down?
Sent by Sparky4444,Jan 28, 2018
Someone hated ur acne and then wanted the D after it went away?
Sent by Simplyobsessed,Jan 28, 2018
Is it bad my mind went straight to your previous acne. I don't get how this is common knowledge lol
Sent by Anas,Jan 28, 2018
ur acne was kinda bad i have proof from this school photograph
Sent by Simplyobsessed,Jan 28, 2018

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