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  1. Remember when
  2. Brazilian tengagers are the scum of earth lol
  3. I look pretty good for a dead bitch
  4. Can someone send me 10000$ via PayPal
  5. My password is
  6. Remember the iconic LymaW
  7. um bitch
  8. No title
  9. Etienne the psychopath
  10. y'all need to hop off scooby's dick
  11. Question
  12. Whenever I swallow it hurts
  13. send nudes
  14. wow I almost made THG payouts by doing nothing
  15. horny whore
  16. send nudes
  17. Ya the gore gifs are gonna make me leave tg lol
  18. Refer me on HQ: AlexViv
  20. Abu Dhabi
  21. 14xp and not even Top 20 :/
  22. Maybelline: I have a heart disease
  23. I got n** rules I count them
  24. w/e the US constitution is flawed anyway
  25. Imagine Alecia had been 1st boot
  26. I joined in a premade
  27. ok tbh
  28. New year, New Blog Pic
  29. 2018 starting well
  30. me @ Mariah still performing live
  31. send nudes
  32. Is
  33. When they use multis and still fail
  34. Stars 477
  35. Hunty
  36. Theory
  37. lol at these losers
  38. My avi is perfection
  39. I sense irony
  40. The anthem of this stars

I love my fans pt 7

Oct 13, 2017 by Funnehliner
Jinxh Give us funnehliner's annoying headass
mahogany Evicted Funnehliner's ugly stank acne covered ass put it AWAY
LuckyLefty Evicted the ugly bird looking acne on sky high Alex
maturo Evicted funnehliner on my other 4 accounts
YouAllSuck Evicted pimple nazi


me when they keep talking about acne but your face is cute as fuck?
Sent by ConstanceMarie,Oct 13, 2017
Eww pedo constancemarie
Sent by s73100,Oct 13, 2017
Evicting you because I can't even pronounce that fucked up user name of yours
Sent by jackyboy,Oct 13, 2017
not surprised AT ALL that within literally seconds of commenting in the pollbox your disgusting obsessed ass would try to #clapback in the same pathetic way you always try to butt in, #next
Sent by mahogany,Oct 13, 2017
s73100 I'm 19 so he's hardly a pedo because I'm of legal age but nice try lol

ConstanceMarie :')
Sent by Funnehliner,Oct 13, 2017
i was gonna make this blog anyway so you just had a good timing #next mahogany
Sent by Funnehliner,Oct 13, 2017
Funnehliner slay him. He's O B S E S S E D with commenting and posting about me. All he does is use the same two comebacks over and over that make no sense.
Sent by ConstanceMarie,Oct 13, 2017
I wish I wasn’t in this Stars so I could evict u and write a mean comment
Sent by titoburitto,Oct 13, 2017
titoburitto same
Sent by Funnehliner,Oct 13, 2017
Still disgusting asf
Sent by LuckyLefty,Oct 13, 2017

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