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  1. Is it really a fucking 6 person finale again
  2. Fuck Mike White
  3. LOL
  4. Do you ever feel like
  5. it's humorous to me
  6. Hi
  7. what the fuck was gabby's mom's name?
  8. there's something really hot
  9. Who is Bryce Keesh in Stars
  10. I hate Carl
  11. y’all are overreacting lmao
  12. yikes @ X factor UK
  14. me: puts in minimal effort in stars
  15. Celebrating this purchase with this song
  16. can't wait
  17. Vote JLF in Stars
  18. Okay but
  19. sis
  20. People thought they were slick and got caught LOL
  21. gurl u crackedt
  22. cackling in spanish @ the nom on the right
  23. Hi sis
  24. This may sound ignorant but
  25. I mean yikes
  26. OH GOD!!!!!!!!
  27. lol bye girl
  28. Bid on Etienne [CHARITY]
  29. Me thinks
  30. Another massacre by a WHITE person?
  31. This was disappointing....
  32. I was praying
  33. Carl needs to choke
  34. Imagine voting Ted Cruz
  35. OH GOD!!!!!!!
  36. This host rigs all of his games for returness
  37. Today's mood
  38. ask
  39. um...... sis
  40. This is the story of a girl

I love my fans pt. 6

Jun 10, 2017 by Funnehliner
funnehliner you look like a naked mole rat. Shave your weak ass pedophile looking mustache and get braces before you try to come for me you lipless rodent!!


please shave the mustache :o
Sent by iamtrey,Jun 11, 2017

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