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  1. anyone have a MacBook?
  2. Wait the finale is tonight????
  3. can someone gift me the brown Kylie hair please
  4. who's the most at risk of getting evicted
  6. Ok but did everyone see Brett glared down JC after..
  7. What’s the rumor on the new features on the new..
  8. Is the Spider-Man game worth it?
  9. if a shorts on Poshmark is listed as $39
  10. imagine the fate of BB20
  11. did BB18'S Paulie's fallout happened by now?
  12. Can Tyler be even evicted before final 4?
  13. link for BB?
  14. Is Angela the first "model" BB..
  15. Trish Stratus returned tonight and I am
  16. Mandy Rose was eliminated first in the Royal..
  17. link to tonight's episode of big brother
  19. How to post a YouTube video on twitter
  20. if queen angela goes home
  21. No title
  22. who plays the WWE Supercard mobile game?
  23. vote for me please and send me spam in return :)
  24. What’s the current plan with if veto is used and..
  25. does Angela really have a mustache?
  26. Did IG take out that feature
  27. Who has a gif of Angela sticking her tongue
  28. what sport did Angela play professionally?
  29. What are some good Jennifer Lopez dance BOPS?
  30. lmao i cant wait to watch how
  31. one small drop of water went into my MacBook
  32. Who’s vote(s) is Bayleigh so confident she has
  33. Mickie James is a jobber
  34. Anyone know why Bayleigh
  35. who hasnt/had never play/ed a veto yet?
  36. Who are Bayleigh’s 3 closest allies?
  37. What does #DeathRace2018
  38. lmaooo and yall claim Rockstar as your fave?
  39. Also LMAO at Winston
  40. ok but Scottie's voice is aggravating

i was certain that Dom vs Chris will end with

Mar 7, 2018 by FrenchMaid
Dom blindsiding Chris, but after that fucking ghost island scene, idk what to believe anymore


Sent by C_Shizz96,Mar 7, 2018
prays chris wins
Sent by Jinxh,Mar 7, 2018
i love ur blog pic
Sent by Renny10,Mar 8, 2018

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