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  1. Bye again
  2. People still socialize on this site?
  3. Oy prick
  4. On a real note
  5. Anyone want the design in Lazeric’s shop
  6. Does anyone remember that Pokémon video
  7. So my question is
  8. Gucci Christmas
  9. HQ
  10. Hey, how you doing?
  11. Fastmas eve?
  12. Whose multi is Kissforyou?
  13. Call me a phaggot
  14. <3 Lil Phag <3
  15. What we’d do if we met in real life
  16. Join frooks pls <3
  17. Stranger Things robbed queens
  18. Plussed your spam
  19. Me waiting for M A N I A to be released
  20. Lol so I get a random message on grindr
  21. Is there anything good to play
  22. I hate how
  23. So I have negative comments about TBB
  24. Can Josh not make finals?
  25. Queens of my middle school life
  26. Selling my dick on the black market
  27. I'm livid
  28. I might legit cry when
  29. On profiles, has the username always been in red?
  30. Pls let Twisty
  31. Is Words gone?
  32. Any Skype games going on today?
  33. Just got a splinter
  34. I tried so hard
  35. I'm so tired of this fatass
  36. Randomize
  37. 9 year Anniversary
  38. <3 BrandonPinzu <3
  39. <3 Thirteen <3
  40. <3 Silas <3

Oy prick

Mar 8, 2018 by Foxtrot
Can I have that gift you promised me? Lazeric


Can you wait asking me everyday is not going to get I‎t to you any faster be patient!
Sent by Lazeric,Mar 8, 2018
You could respond and say yes instead of ignoring me
Sent by Foxtrot,Mar 8, 2018
I did a few days ago and you sent I‎t again yesterday lol
Sent by Lazeric,Mar 8, 2018

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