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  1. Kindredwhat are you keepin in your pants
  2. its monday today woa how did that happn
  3. sad sunday everyin !!
  4. sneeze
  5. well..ive eaten too much cheese
  6. i think my dogs got the flu
  7. i think my dogs got the flu
  8. what are all ur new year resolutions
  9. where do all the cool ppl hang out on here ?
  10. hey man
  11. i bet my TG account that oil also has a part to..
  12. one crazy night last nght
  13. hey who wants to b friends ?
  14. what trump has done is kinda scary huh
  15. oh dam im now light green level !!!!!1
  16. happy new year everyon !!
  17. hey guys !!!
  18. i think all my friends have left this site
  19. hey guys its now decemeber !!! !
  20. hey i love all of you guys
  21. question
  22. hey just a head up for u all
  23. banana or grape ?
  24. any ladies
  26. do yall think its too early for Xmas decor ?
  27. dam i wonder if i would
  28. i hope i can join too !!
  29. hey everyon ! its friday woo
  30. hey guys im back !
  31. its been a week since my gf
  32. Gonna go for a skip today !
  33. someon on this blogs page
  34. hey just wonderin
  35. pyn and ill tell u if we can be friends
  36. hey guys !
  38. hey guys
  39. hey guys whats flippin ?
  40. also side note

hey guys !

Nov 4, 2019 by Flipflops
i joined a survivor but dam its slow filling !!!! come join me !!


i wouldn’t have minded joining with you but i won’t be on much next week so won’t be able to play comps

Good luck though!
Sent by Kindred7,Nov 4, 2019
Sent by malachite05,Nov 4, 2019
oh shit it lasts a week ?! im going on vacation in 3 days kindred7

malachite05 :O :O :O
Sent by Flipflops,Nov 4, 2019
flipflops it tends to last 5-5.5 days! But if your tribe is winning you can sit out some challenges. If it’s losing... well you can ask to be voted off lol. AND OMG MAIL ME WHERE YOURE GOING
Sent by Kindred7,Nov 4, 2019

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