Big Brother and online Hunger games.

hey whats up humans ?

Oct 30, 2019 by Flipflops


FLIPPY! Hi hope you’re well!! Just got home from work and haven’t eaten but I know if I eat first I won’t work out so idk :(
Sent by Kindred7,Oct 30, 2019
work out first then you can enjoy fod even more !! kindred7
Sent by Flipflops,Oct 30, 2019
I know Flipflops :( I almost convinced myself it’s ok and i don’t have to work out today but then i told myself i can’t achieve what i want in life if i do that :(
Sent by Kindred7,Oct 30, 2019
I'm an alien, but what's up?
Sent by woeisme,Oct 31, 2019

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