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  1. i think all my friends have left this site
  2. hey guys its now decemeber !!! !
  3. hey i love all of you guys
  4. question
  5. hey just a head up for u all
  6. banana or grape ?
  7. any ladies
  9. do yall think its too early for Xmas decor ?
  10. dam i wonder if i would
  11. i hope i can join too !!
  12. hey everyon ! its friday woo
  13. hey guys im back !
  14. its been a week since my gf
  15. Gonna go for a skip today !
  16. someon on this blogs page
  17. hey just wonderin
  18. pyn and ill tell u if we can be friends
  19. hey guys !
  21. hey guys
  22. hey guys whats flippin ?
  23. also side note
  24. well time to put my
  25. Do you think
  26. its that turkey time of year !!
  27. dam some of these skeleon avis
  28. my avi looks sick
  29. hey whats up humans ?
  30. oh man i have a gift !
  31. dam first time playin this words game
  32. hey guys hop u enjoin sundays !
  33. also kinda random
  34. good luck to all the people in the stars
  35. halloween kinda sucks
  36. 1 more for rookies lets play people !
  37. do ppl really think i look like my avi...?
  38. no morning wake up call
  39. dam rookies games are expensiv
  40. ps join casting with me guys !

dam rookies games are expensiv

Oct 26, 2019 by Flipflops
kinda regret joining the longer one now there blows my money for orange level great !

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