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Public Shops

Sep 2, 2021 by FlamingJojo
Are like a TJ Max or Marshalls

Me and disneygeek may not be charging you as high as the competition, but you can find some good buys from our shops.

Though, the boutiques that always move on, just have the upper hand because they are less expensive.

Now, if #shops had endless amount of stock to be posted, i think that would things truly interesting brandonpinzu cheapcheep koolness234

I know that is a risky concept and I am sure people would bash with their pros and cons, but you know what...

-It would make the shops much more competitive with their set up now...let's see if shops can find endless buyers at 600+ regularly with endless amount of posting, for the week.

-With the competition coming from all angles, shop owners like myself, #disneygeek and anyone else who posts for lower prices--we got Heavenlee I know does...I don't know anyone else, but have seen random shops do it, occasionally, but gives us a chance to look like competition

-Which gives a whole new process in shops...the amount of ts that are purchased now, would most definitely increase--especially as auctions is really pointless nowadays, as the cheaper designs people wanna gift to their friends or random people, usually.

-You just have a limit of designs available to be purchased, so if someone posts to high or something no one wants, it blocks them
-You leave the 12 designs per shop owner in effect, so they are stuck with a max of 24 options
-So then if there is a limit at 800, it can be caught up, depending the owner and their process/connections.

I don't see a major issue with the shops as they are now, but I do see it can be more competitive and more open to have cheaper designs to be available, to the consumers on here.
As a creative thot, I can always come up with intriguing concepts and ideas *winks at the tmods* ;)


If you posted something cute you’d get more buyers. :)
Sent by DiamondsArentForever,Sep 2, 2021
i love this idea LMAOOOOOOOOO
Sent by Minie,Sep 2, 2021
Sent by Minie,Sep 2, 2021
So it’s not really unlimited stock then since there’s a limit of what can be purchased?

I think shops is competitive enough as is, its a lot harder to move on now (compared to the prior way) and that’s coming from somebody who has been in the game for 20+ weeks at a time
Sent by ItsAlexia,Sep 2, 2021
No, it would unlimited--would limit the shop owner on the amount they can upload, but not the amount they can sell ItsAlexia
Sent by FlamingJojo,Sep 2, 2021
Oh, I mean this is in reference to those that specifically don't think we should be posting so high for designs, as 29.99usd gets you 500 and that barely is enough for a design, at the price of 400(the cheapest instant manufactured design).

So, it is to give those, that see price of a design vs price of ts currency to have a chance at making it, as they would have to work harder for it.
Sent by FlamingJojo,Sep 2, 2021
Yeah I would love to be able to move on and have a shop for multiple weeks but it's impossible because I refuse to post at expensive prices
DiamondsArentForever its not about finding buyers to some of us its about wanting people to have access to designs that aren't expensive as fuck
Sent by Heavenlee,Sep 2, 2021
Oh I gotchu so you’re saying they can only upload 2 sets of designs per shops week and they can only post those?

An interesting concept I suppose but I don’t really see how anything would change
Sent by ItsAlexia,Sep 2, 2021
Thank you Heavenlee and my concept above, would be designed for us to have a chance, if we worked hard for it ;)
Sent by FlamingJojo,Sep 2, 2021
Exactly ItsAlexia So as we have a 12 limit in the designs lab rn
We would have to use those 12 designs, before uploading our last 12 and sell all we can amongst the overall 24 designs the average shop owner can upload, in a week. 

Well, what would change is that the people like me, Disneygeek Heavenlee and any other shop owner that wouldn't post higher than 500, for example.

We just would have to work our asses off to keep up or have a chance.
Sent by FlamingJojo,Sep 2, 2021
I think it would be better if no one know the exact price of each item except the shop owner

how it works: for example your jade attire cost 480ts but the system would recognize the price between 400-500 or maybe 400-600. then the system would take the buyers ts (like how auction works) for the max range price (500 or 600) and at the end of the week, the buyer would get their change

idk if it makes sense tho
Sent by DrG2,Sep 2, 2021
I think you should be allowed to use your previous uploads tho
Sent by Minie,Sep 3, 2021

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