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Nominated for 8th

May 15, 2014 by FlameonX
Thank you to the 57.9% of Tengaged who chose to save me for 10th, and I am now regretfully up again for 8th. I somewhat feel as if I have let you all down, because I truly believed that I was beginning to turn the game around. Unfortunately, I could not appeal to some of my cast mates' rationales, and I believe that this nomination set of Me/Fred was not the right move for everyone's individual games.

Stars is all about making the right deals with the right people at the right times, and I think I have done an exceptional job at doing that. However, this only holds true if everyone tries to play with this mind set. Personally, sitting in the poll box is such an emotionally draining experience, and going up every other poll does not help. It starts to tug away at your spirit. I'm content with the way I have played this game thus far; I changed it up a little from how I have played in the past and I can't say if it paid off or not - I'm guessing not.

I've never been one for gimmicks, and I'm not about to start for the sake of garnering support. I realize it's been proven to be a means of winning Stars, but I want to be able to succeed without them. Surviving this poll is going to be a looong shot, but anything can happen! Right, Ellie?

Thank you for everyone's continual support, because it truly means a lot to me. Again, I appreciate any and all saves.

PS - I apologize if it seems like I'm carrying a defeatist attitude, but my future in this Stars is looking pretty grim.


Get a gimmick.
Sent by Fritzyyyyy,May 15, 2014
saved yew
Sent by Pepper,May 15, 2014
Grats on staying!!!
Sent by StraightLoonie,May 15, 2014

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