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Nominated for 12th

6thMay 13, 2014 by FlameonX
Guess who's back, back again.
My long ass blogs, tell a friend.

Technically, a blog isn't exactly a "who," but I'm going to go along with it for rhythm's sake ;). This stars game has been really enjoyable; the cast was a good mix of new and old Tengaged, and people actually took the time to try to talk to everyone. I can safely say that I have made some new friends, and met some people who I would have never talked to otherwise.

Everyone has their own perspective on how the game has been run, played, etc. And, in my opinion, I think I have been doing a good job of holding my own and going my own way. I have made all my decisions on what I believe will benefit my game, as well as my allies' games - as should everyone else, which is probably why I'm up with tdan13 (an undeniably stand up guy)! I respect everyone's decisions, so long as they are honest with me. It is how I play and how I will always act. At the end of it, I can be proud that I /did/ try and I /did/ own up to my actions - it's a good way to go, I swear it!

I would be privileged if you, Tengaged, allow me to continue to play this game. I truly believe I can still do well - despite losing my closest ally - and make another stars final. Everyone's always wondered what it feels like to finally win one, so don't lie!

I appreciate any and all saves :)

tl;dr - This dude is putting in the effort, and wants another shot at FINALLY winning a stars.


I saved you, but I had to neg this, because this blog is not long, like you implied in the beginning.
Sent by SuperCam,May 13, 2014
love ya FlameonX  whoever moves one, go kick some ass alright?!
Sent by tdan13,May 13, 2014
gl derek :)
Sent by JordanLloydFan,May 13, 2014
tl;dr - This dude is putting in the effort, and wants another shot at FINALLY winning a stars.
Sent by Lucinda,May 13, 2014
gl man
Sent by AxKxAxBatman,May 13, 2014

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