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Big Brother and online Hunger games.


13thJun 19, 2022 by FireX
I am not belittling you at ALL. You joined with a group of Brazilians aka PREMADED and stuck witch each other for over half the game. The only reason it broke up was because the middle people who yall had flipped and then Tanya who was working with that side who was NOT apart of the core premade also nommed your ass thus getting you to flip

As for you saying there were a group of minors... wtf does that have to do with a PREMADE. They formed AFTER the game started and in all honesty flopped. There's a big difference between a group that was formed prior to the game and a group that was formed after the game started

Regardless of how much any of yall spoke to each other yall turned down a large part of the cast for most of the game in favor of each other. If the middle don't flip for the noms at 11th and Tanya don't nom you when they did then that group was 100% sticking together and it would of been everyone not in it getting picked off 1 by 1.

And as for if you win being ruined I don't belive that for a second. At the end of the day whoever the public chose to win DESSRVED TO WIN regardless but don't get mad at me for bringing to light that you barley played and stuck to a group till they turned on you.

Anyway I do agree this is a badass F3 and a great winner regardless. It's not very often we get a F3 that has tengaged happy LOL so props to us 3 and the cast overall. I honestly think anyone in the top 7 would of been looked at as a great winner.


where tf is the vlog
Sent by MelloJello,Jun 19, 2022
MelloJello it's in the expire blog. I added both part 1 and 2 there. Here's part 2 tho
Sent by FireX,Jun 19, 2022
44 minutes?!?! You鈥檙e cracked firex
Sent by MelloJello,Jun 19, 2022
MelloJello honestly Yawnha Question took a good bit of time NGL Lol
Sent by FireX,Jun 19, 2022
ok, that's what I just said to ywam. I hadn't talked to the other 3. What I think happened: As stars is taking a long time to fill up, and whether you like it or not, it's still something that has a high visibility here, it may be that the others saw the cast and decided to join . I don't know. After seeing the cast, I obviously tried to stay close to finesse. She is my friend. But we didn't go in together. This is my point. Aabout the group of minors, I mentioned them precisely for that reason, because they are a group of people who fit into that. It doesn't necessarily mean that they were a premade. And I agree, no one will stop voting for me because of your blogs. That's not what I meant. Maybe I expressed myself badly. And finally, I agree, it was a strong cast in which anyone deserves to win
Sent by Lucas_RFS,Jun 19, 2022

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