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Big Brother and online Hunger games.


19thMay 6, 2022 by FireX
When will me2013 be banned for preying on me when I was underage while she was teaching kids in Australia.

I'm just saying 馃し


She would be if you provided any proof.
Sent by iTy990,May 6, 2022
The TV Star who negged clearly supports adults preying on underage people
Sent by FireX,May 6, 2022
iTy990 I did and it was also well known that her and TaraG did this but go off
Sent by FireX,May 6, 2022
FireX do I? Simply because I was also friends with Mel when I was underage and I don't believe she was a predator.
Sent by iTy990,May 6, 2022
FireX it's well known that Tara did it, but I have seen nothing to make me believe Mel did. When I was 13 I was preyed on by people who are still roaming the site, so I do understand your feelings of wanting her banned, and I'm sorry if you feel invalidated, I just find it hard to believe.
Sent by iTy990,May 6, 2022
Don鈥檛 argue with ity he is literally a brainless idiot who supports every abuser he can find
Sent by Brandonator,May 6, 2022
I agree this site would become so much better if we banned the 600 day inactive
Sent by xcharliex,May 6, 2022
Brandonator I see that now because his whole reasoning is because HE was not preyed on then that automatically resolves the person.
Sent by FireX,May 6, 2022
FireX, not at all, just because I feel like I got to know her on a personal level, and although you never really know anyone fully, I believe she  was just jealous of Tara, and flirted with you to try and hurt her. I apologize if I am wrong, and I wish you luck on being able to recover from your struggles. I actually advocate for men's rights and am disgusted by the societal norm of how many people disregard abuse towards men. I just can't help but to empathize strongly with Mel still and I apologize again profusely if I am wrong.
Sent by iTy990,May 6, 2022

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