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Charity Ruined

12thApr 13, 2022 by FireX
Why was daleariel even talking on final day when they were SAFE. Like hun that's why it got ruined... you talked so damn much final day that Amanda was not able to keep up


I never understood people who join charities and then still spam and then blame the charity holder for not posting enough.
Sent by BlueBarracuda,Apr 13, 2022
It was not a charity….. LMAO. People are just stupid and don’t read the chat and assume shit
Sent by Jessie_,Apr 13, 2022
Sent by daleariel,Apr 13, 2022
It wasn’t a charity , lifeiscool tried telling everyone on blogs not to bet 🤣
Sent by Lynn12,Apr 13, 2022
Omg chewakas
Sent by AliBonico,Apr 14, 2022

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