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My Grandparents

Mar 23, 2022 by FireX
Are being buried rn. With the passing of my Grandfather on the 7th, they get to be buried together. I'm not all that great with emotions but this is the saddest thing ever. It's really hitting me rn that they are both gone and the man who got to see me grow up into a men (well my attempt at 1) and who taught me a lot is officially gone. :(

Ima go cry now


Sent by piss77,Mar 23, 2022
hugs love u <3
Sent by Jessie_,Mar 23, 2022
awww I'm sorry :(
Sent by Tryphena,Mar 23, 2022
Aw sorry for your loss.
Sent by brightongal,Mar 23, 2022
<3 you man, here for u
Sent by Joshbb17,Mar 23, 2022

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