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Big Brother and online Hunger games.


4thFeb 25, 2022 by FireX
How 1 moment it was agreed I did not ruin hoats charity cause he was barley active and kept having 12 hour and 22 hour spam lines but the second it's convenient for a blog it gets thrown in my face

Also goat knew I had veto as we talked 1v1. I asked if he cared how I used it and he had zero issue with it. Honey was being about veto.

This charity was not ruined everyone got thier ts doubled and I got closer to my goal of platinum.

I never once tried to ruin and I tried to say me using veto would not be a issue since we started neg day early and I did not talk more final day then burberry. I negged everyone who needed negged and plussed every Burberry comment (except 1 cause the iPhone SE is fucking small so fuck that garbage).


Sent by Lifeiscool,Feb 25, 2022
I dont know why he still going on about it got to make himself look good as always
Sent by honeybunch1,Feb 25, 2022
i would but they negged it
Sent by honeybunch1,Feb 25, 2022
Sent by MrRobzilla,Feb 25, 2022
Sent by AliBonico,Feb 26, 2022
Sent by tundrahenry101,Feb 26, 2022

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