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I really

15thFeb 25, 2022 by FireX
Just spent a week helping someone win a charity only for them to block me on discord 馃槖馃槕.


u could've risked the charity though u won alot of things, we weren't saying it to be mean
Sent by Carriexoxo24xo,Feb 25, 2022
Carriexoxo24xo it was nothing to do with you. Ik how-to gamebot a charityvsonthe right person wins (Baring they are active). Comps don't mean as much algo wise as you think. I won 3 hohs and 3 vetos on a charity but because of neg days and being super untalkative final day the person still won. I tried to explain that and got fucking shit on by Noah and then was shut down from using veto and the other 2 from spamming. I was not offered f3 after winning final veto. I did ask for 4th at best to at least go far to get karma but I still worked my ass off to help and I what I said was gonna happen did. There would of been a actual risk if I had spammed hard final day and had we not neg day early but we did. Regardless he won and instead of being happy he won his charity I got called a jerk and then blocked.
Sent by FireX,Feb 25, 2022

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