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Feb 17, 2022 by FireX
Iphone 8 worth $199. I was considering buying it to switch from android to Apple. It's not 2 far back is it?


No it鈥檚 good :)
Sent by brightongal,Feb 17, 2022
I mean theres been like 7-8 phones after it, but it def isnt too far back but it will be like like 1-2 years
Sent by Lifeiscool,Feb 17, 2022
You should do it. It鈥檚 worth it
Sent by Midiaw,Feb 17, 2022
Idk. Id research how long it will be before Apple obsoletes it and its not worth having. I have the 10 which I think is only 1 or 2 years newer, so maybe the 8 isnt that bad.
Sent by zachbbs,Feb 17, 2022
I still think Iphone 8 is the best Iphone even tho I already change mine to x promax already. So you better get it.
Sent by systrix,Feb 17, 2022
I have an 8 rn and love it, the only thing I feel behind in is camera quality, but all the other stuff is just bells and whistles really.
Sent by Notsae,Feb 17, 2022

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