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I hate when

Nov 10, 2021 by FireX
People play victim

Like don't let someone be there for you and support you for weeks and try and build you up with love and compliments. While at the same time talking with you and hearing you out on all the issues your working through but when they voice thier side you shut them down and act like it's to much the FIRST time they voice a opinion.

Be better. Talk it out with them and hear thier side rather then acting like that person automatically in the wrong. Don't ignore them when they want to talk. That's why your single. Not because your ugly. Your fucking gorgeous. Not because your emotionally 2 much. Your not your human and have a lot that's happened. Not because you don't have the time. You have it and all ya need to do is let them talk thier side out like they did for you


Saginator18 this is about you
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