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Big Brother and online Hunger games.


Nov 6, 2021 by FireX

WINNER GETS $25 and a GIFT!!


Hello! If you’re reading this hopefully you are thinking about joining the the cast of Big Brother UK! This Greek Theamed season will be full of fun twist! I am looking for ACTIVE and DEDICATED players. After all there's real money at stake!

●●Please MAIL YOUR APPS to FireX●●

First name you want to go by:
What will you bring to the series?
Name one interesting fact about yourself:
Compare yourself to a celebrity:
Will you do your best to be an active housemate? (make activities, be active in House dynamics, nominate, etc.):
Will you send a confessional every “game week” (1-3 days):
What evening times normally work best for you:
Sent by FireX,Nov 6, 2021

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