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Big Brother and online Hunger games.


Apr 20, 2021 by FireX
BengalBoy - ok look BUDDY ik we aint bffs aka besties but after all these years of me spamming you and all the support you have sent a bros way im putting you here.

Kindred7 - i mean was there ever a question of where id put you. Legit i was a fan of you back in your noob days. I legit have so much love for you as a person and im thrilled to this day that i got to meet you and have you become such a great friend.

Guigi - honestly your a bitch but i still love you. The tear is gone. Your a great person and someone who im honestly kinda shocked i became close to but i have 0 regrets about it. We kinda snapped as a duo as well in games so that was hot... Like you 😳😜

_Ravenclaw_ - i mean obvi your bestie matierial. Your someone i met in a org and we kinda talked here and there till we made the PJX alliance and even tho that did not last us making F3 and buildikg a friendship did last. Your someone ik can make fun of me but we got that kinda friendship because its all outta love. Im glad to call you my friend Pietro.

abrogated - honestly i do love you. Your sweet and yea little out there BUT WHO AINT haha. Ty for always having my back and just being a legend in my life

lukesurvives - we aint front page friends... YET... But im sure we will get there. For now ima out you here because your a great guy and i just love how positive ya are. Ty for having my back 24/7 ❤.

Galaxies - were not SUPER CLOSE but your always hella nice to me and i like most of your blogs. Your the kinda guy id help if you ever needed it

hellocat - if this was 2 years ago we both know where you would be LOL but after you helped host me i got to really see who YOU are and i just really liked what i saw. You made the time enjoyable af for me and i def consider you a pal.

JustMe - Queen i legit love you but my bad on us not talking a lot and getting closer. You always help me and i love that. Also i stan you so theres that.

Jessie_ - icon we just met not long ago but i got to play vivor with you and even tho you voted me OUT i really liked you. Plus you helped make my CHB shirt so i forever am a fan of you for that. Hopefully we can talk more and become closer

hamburgerbunzz - i was gonna put you in the bestie section because it feels weird to put you legit amywhere else but i saw your blog and you made a good point in how we aint talked a whole lot as of late. Maybe i can change that :) ANYWAY i fucking love you rachael. Ever since you broke my heart in LKB All Stars by not being there for our F2. You quickly became someone who i enjoyed not just talking to but getting to know. We got super close for a hot min and i loved just having 1 person to focus on and make the days bearable. Im so happy that iv gotten to know you!

KingB24 - we like legir just met but you seemed nice and chill like a slushie. Im pretty neutral on you tho.

Arris - ok so like ik OF you and we have been in some things together but i cant recall making a real or any connection with you. Based on the little we talked you seem cool tho.

rohanprabhu - i dont dislike you but were not super close or anything. We help each other out here and there but we never like talk talk haha.

Maxi1234 - idk much about you tbh which sucks BUT the good news is your now a new person ima try and talk to and get to know!!

BarbraStreisand - well i actually dont really have a opinion on you good or bad but ill say as far as ik we got 0 beef and thats always a great place to start!



P.S... its not original 😂😂 (also shoutout to everyone who has done it!!)


sure me
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me <3
Sent by hellocat,Apr 20, 2021
LMAO top respect bro FireX
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Wow this is the kind of blog I have been looking for!
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Curious to see where I land ;/
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