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Mar 31, 2021 by FireX
This is where i will talk about friends i made and what they mean to me.

colfives MY FIRST TENGAGED FRIEND!! Girrrrl me and you met in casting and fastings and we just clicked. I messaged you about a alliance and you seemed super down so thats just what we did and we actually made F3!. But little did we know it would become so many more all while we became closer and closer friends. Iv come to respect the woman you are and im so happy to see how lifes been now that you had a 2nd kid ❤

You really were my first friend and im so happy and thankful that i met you and got to enjoy the time i had with you. I actually miss my noob days of logging on and waiting for you so we could play a game together and seeing a mail from you asking about such. We hella slayed a blog game and that was the mosy fun we had. We even did our FIRST survivor game together and even tho we FLOPPED it was just amazing to go in with a close friend and experience another first with you.

I want to thank you even tho you wont see this for everything and for replying to that first ever message about being allies because without you i would not ofbhad such a positive start to the site and for that im #Blessed.


she sounds like a queen i remember making my first friends on the site too!! :3
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