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Big Brother and online Hunger games.

I know people grow

2ndFeb 26, 2021 by FireX
But MmabatlokoaMolefe (halloween at the time) legit took over my account on my first stars and wanted me to pay money to get it back and not to mention the amount of multis they used to be in just about every stars game PRE MOD. Like i think keeping halloween banned is thier punishment for all the multi using that was done.

But hey they are innocent aint they. Totally deserve thier old account back now that its been long enough to kick all the multi using under the rug... 😒


Spill the tea
Sent by Yandereboy12,Feb 26, 2021
what about the numerous other users who have and probably still have more multis than ween ever had? Things should be equal.
Sent by sosyomomma,Feb 26, 2021
sosyomomma i am just saying my piece on this user cause they are on blogs page saying they did NOTHING wrong when that is a bold face lie.
Sent by FireX,Feb 26, 2021
FireX that's fair and I agree with your point, just see alot of people who want to punish one but not others, that ain't right.
Sent by sosyomomma,Feb 26, 2021

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