Big Brother and online Hunger games.


Oct 23, 2020 by FireX
Asking for help with spam BUT THEN asking ppl not to comment like...


LMAO I want people to plus AND comment on my shit
Sent by Ratchett,Oct 23, 2020
Hes hoping I think hes given up so I stop as well. then we can sneak the victory.
Sent by RedsKanto,Oct 23, 2020
Lmao right
Sent by Lynn12,Oct 23, 2020
BTW Would you be willing to vote for PIDDU in this poll? He barely even has to try when it comes to spamming so I want to be the underdog that beats him!

Thank you! I will return any favor you want!
Sent by RedsKanto,Oct 23, 2020
He means vote for Piddu in this poll
Sent by RedsKanto,Oct 23, 2020

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