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Apr 15, 2020 by FireX
Ill give you a paragraph on what i think about you

fabianoo - honestly we have not played any games together that ik of. However i do know you and me have always helped each other with spam amd when we have talked its all been good. Also not gonna lie your name reminds me of Fabio 馃槀馃槀. I would like to get to know you more tho because i am always down for a new friend.

3pi14159 - a blog KING!!! honestly iv seen you around and you are a very vocal person. That has def helped you fit it for sure. Your someone else i dont have a strong connection with but i support you for sure. Iv enjoyed your blogs and the personality that has come out of them. Also like i love pie so even better.

lexeyjane - Girlllll me and you have some history in games. That is my fault more so as i targted you for being a social Queen. Game or not tho i love your personality. Your a strong independent women who spreads good vibes to all. Maybe 1 day me and you will become friends. However friends or not i am always here if ya need help.

Maxi1234 - ok for real have nothing good or bad to say. We dont talk at all. Also i think we have beef cause of a blog???? Either way id love to actually talk and get to know you for well YOU.

PureEssence - Your legit a sweet soul. We have been in some games and have talked and your always so damn nice. We dont have 2 many people on here like that and im glad i have met 1. I enjoyed your company and your someone i feel i could just talk with if i needed to vent. Ty for being a great person and keep slaying life hun.

Singsongers - your kinda crazy not even gonna lie. Iv played 1 game with you and that was a cancelled all star season of JBs BB game. You blew up at me and my friends over wanting to work with you. Only for you to be evicted soon after that. Outside of THAT tho i was a HUGE fan of your game in ians survivor. I love to see a modern villain make his way to the end. Your a entertaining guy. To me that tells me that your a good guy to party with... Or the guy who will end me. Either way should be a good time haha.

Kindred7 - I LOVE YOU. Your amazing and i dont care ehat anyone says i will always support you. You and me met in a casting and it just went up from there. Your a true friend of mine. Like for real between the casting and the gg and just how we interact have been nice. Your just another sweet person on this site iv met. Im sure you have history that may not be good in the past but who gives a damn. You clearly are a new person and i stan you. Ty for being an amazing friend!!

pinkiepie512 - omg this is gonna be so long馃槀馃槀. Grace where fo i even begin and end. Well for starters your a fellow GEORGIA born and i am all about supporting my roots. We started off on a bad foot but we bounced back and became really great friends. Games aside(seeing as you always slay me馃槀) me and you have been really great with each other. We have the best 1v1 calls ever as we both love to just talk. Honestly i lose track of time with you. Your 1 of the few people who got to see the REAL me. Not the player but the person. thats the reason i will always defend you when i see the haters come at you. Your someone i want in my corner cause i see the loyalty and compassion you have not just for people but animals. We both know i think your a very beautiful women and maybe in a different life i could be the piece that completes and stands by you. Sorry in advanace for anything stupid i do in the future馃槀馃槀. All that aside tho i cant wait for us to meet up when i visit Georgia and i just know with us it will be a fun time!!!!

Darbe - lmaooo were not really friends but i stan you so damn much. Like fr you slay everyone and everything. Your also always helping me which is huge as i am a needy ass person. You give me chill vibes. Like you think before you do anything. But i also wonder if your the opposite when its time to party. Anyway i def wanna have you as a bro so lets get to know each other some more.

Jasoi - LOYALLLLLLLLL friend. Jasoi you always have my back in game and always help me. Ik you get a lot of hate cause you dont play how others want you 2 and you play for you and how you want. But i love that about you. You help your friends and yourself. You stand up to the haters your own way. I really have a long history with you. I can def say i am glad we met and even more glad anytime i see you in a game. I just know i have someone i can talk to and trust. Your a king my dude and you keep being you man.馃憡馃憡


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