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Yikes at a underage KID

6thDec 31, 2019 by FireX
Being obsessed with me. Kevin0621 i hope your having fun spamming your blog in so u can feel relevent. Sadley tho the host of the game your calling me OUT for that i rigged in will be making a blog debunking what you have said. Stay pressed tho that you got 4th in a skype game hahahaha.

I legit got 4th in a skype game and left with grace and was nice. U get 4th amd u start blaming anyone and everyone EXCEPT yourself. Dude u did not read how dots worked. U thought u could spam number after number but that was not it. U lost cause of yourself. I did NOT need to cheat cause u handed me the points.

But im glad u feel the neef to bully and attack me on skype for over 12 hours and then make a blig saying i bullied and attacked u over a skype game when thats FARRRRR from the truth. Its fine u can go lie on blogs page all u want but iv sent the proof that i did not cheat to a ton of chats and everyones AGREED that u just did not read the fucking 4 sentence paragragh the host gave u. Imagine not reading in 2019 or 2020.

Yall can neg idc lol. Just figured id say some things. I just dont need little kids who still aint CUMMED or watched ANY porn or even had thier first kiss being obsessed with weird and ya need a new Hobby Kevin


Oh snap!
Sent by jwbrine,Dec 31, 2019
Yea you’re psychotic lol
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