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Imagine being so LAZY

2ndDec 26, 2019 by FireX
You cant keep a poll open for 10 mins and then on top of that you put all 3 players in the evict for 3rd poll WHEN U HAD 2 IN EVERY OTHER EVICT POLL. U SET IT UP AS A WINNER POLL

I AM PISSED u cant even wait 10 mins for a poll for the F3 where others got 30 to 1 hour



i know. its WAY too quick & i got multied out so that's fun
Sent by Cadden,Dec 26, 2019
I assumed it was like cromatique games where f3 was AN ACTUAL FINAL 3 WINNER POLL

so now i feel so bad lmaooo...
Sent by top20fan33,Dec 26, 2019
Same as Cameron ^
Sent by mbarnish1,Dec 26, 2019
daddys robbed again
Sent by LovelyKiss,Dec 26, 2019
Lifeiscool see PPL thought it was a winner poll. Its not just me being X. Its actually they way u presented it. How u had been doing evictions was 2 ppl so when u do 3 and its the last 3 ppl assume its a WINNER poll.
Sent by FireX,Dec 26, 2019
Sent by Ratchett,Dec 26, 2019
please have a radio show where you rant about tengaged life
Sent by BadGirlsClubfan,Dec 26, 2019
OMG! Well I hope I was at least a better host FireX
Sent by LaCroix,Dec 27, 2019
LaCroix ou did a amazing job hosting. Very well organized and you give enough times for polls. Plus the wiki for each season/overall series is a nice added feature.
Sent by FireX,Dec 27, 2019
Okay but take me from behind firex?
Sent by C_Shizz96,Dec 27, 2019
FireX Well thanks! It's nice to know that my group game is being successful! Season 4 already! OMG!
Sent by LaCroix,Dec 27, 2019

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