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My side of the Story

12thNov 24, 2019 by FireX
Since Tester wont talk to me and let me tell him what happened ill just tell you tengaged

Me jasoi BlazeTitan and Nopalitolegend01 were a F4 alliance. We also had a F5 with drew but it was more early game. Anyway after i lost Nop at 9th i ended up flopping a poll and getting 7th. Jasoi followed me by getting 6th place and all that was left was Lex(BlazeTitan).

I got a spam mail from tester to save him in the eviction poll by votibg either of the 2 beside him but he added hed like it to be blaze if possible. I did NOT want my last alliance member to be picked off by the dominate alliance so i went to drew and said hey thats me can u not spam me out. Not the best idea looking back now BUT i was hoping that since we were friends he would change route. Thats what did NOT happen. Instead he made blogs attacking us like a little kid and dragging me to the host. This has been a whole fuck up on my part as i should not have tried to help a allie after i was out but i am super loyal to my people.

Anyway thats my side of it all and if you even read this Ty.
Tester sorry for the whole mixup
BlazeTitan Sorry for you getting called me
Its not a compliment these days
wolven6974 sorry u got attacked


Wait wolven got attacked?
Sent by Jasoi,Nov 24, 2019
jasoi he made a blog then deleted cause ppl were goung at him for rigging and letting multis in his game all cause of what i said to drew and he ran with it. I feel bad for wolven and lex cause they got trashed
Sent by FireX,Nov 24, 2019
I'm sorry for my part too. I admit, it was an accident I posted the wrong link. Congrats on you're BBUK win btw
Sent by SeaViper,Nov 24, 2019
BlazeTitan is actually Randomize and this is undercover boss.
Sent by Jacadeux,Nov 24, 2019
Sent by AngeIa,Nov 24, 2019
He’s obsessed and acts like a 12 year old don’t worry
Sent by MudkipzFTW,Nov 25, 2019

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