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Nominated for 9th

5thNov 20, 2019 by FireX
First Round of Shoutouts:
(I look like a mess lol)

Tagging The People:

I tried my best to be honest and say kind words. I said more for the people i knew more about. Thx again for commenting.

Round 2 of this is on this blog. Just comment.

I will also be doing ones for anyone who comments they saved me in Stars so keep a eye on That.


woah you have two eyebrows
Sent by M_Davis1998,Nov 20, 2019
Love ya Bro!!
Sent by gumball221520,Nov 20, 2019
watched the whole thing!! You’re always great on video and I know when you play you’re serious about strategy but you’re also putting effort into the public game which people neglect / do poorly - good luck FireX <333
(oh and thank you for the opinion!! i’m happy i made a good impression on you since I know you tend to speak the truth about your thoughts on people; we don’t talk much these days but i don’t think we even need to for me to also consider you a friend <3 )
Sent by Kindred7,Nov 20, 2019
i thought you were brazilian omg
Sent by ManniBoi,Nov 20, 2019
Sent by TaraG,Nov 20, 2019
omg you are so sweet! I voted you to stay =]
Sent by Delete2544,Nov 20, 2019
king !!
Sent by J2999,Nov 21, 2019
Sent by Amnesia_,Nov 21, 2019
A 10 minute vlog with no shirtless tease...smh...still saved
Sent by NicoleF,Nov 21, 2019
Omg firex, if I couldn't love you more! That was so fucking nice!
Sent by skimmilk4,Nov 22, 2019

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