Big Brother and online Hunger games.


6thSep 1, 2019 by FireX
me and TaraG sexted when i was in FACT 18 and now i am 20. I dont REGRET ANYTHING. Haters gonna hate but i was of age and i like me older women and older man. And hell TG is damn good at sexting. Id go to Canada for the real deal Lmao

But yall can go at her all you want but she was lied to by a KID and stopped the second the she found out. Iv done VLOGS and that should clear my side up.

Srry Tara for that crazy bitch me2013 for leaking shit. Fucking phyco but the TEA is some tengagers are just mad that they aint getting what we had with each other. HAHAHAHAHAHA


LMFAO king
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thank you firex <3
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obey_me robozoe blitszims scononduders
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I have so many different things I want to reply to in this blog and it’s overwhelming and I don’t know where to begin.

Oh wait that’s when I’m just supposed to say ‘I-‘
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Sent by Scononduders,Sep 1, 2019
Wow I-
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im shook I-
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Check mails firex
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I mean facts king
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