Big Brother and online Hunger games.


Aug 25, 2019 by FireX
C_Shizz96 Thumper91

I had beef with yall as individuals BOTH for different reasons. Honestly i forget most of it but it was petty BS and yall are both such sweet human beings. Super glad i can call yall friends because ik yall both are loyal AF.

Ty for the stara support bacj then lauren cause i needed some positive comments not gonna lie

Ty for thr fun in games C_Shizz96 cause despite pissing me off sometimes your a god laugh and i love that you just be you.

Also do i really have a accent Thumper91

Anyway ily both and it was a iconic vlog yall did.


You do really have an accent but awww love this blog :)
Sent by Thumper91,Aug 25, 2019
Thank you sweetie, I love you, so glad we reconciled our differences ♥️ You always got a close friend in me!
Sent by C_Shizz96,Aug 26, 2019

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