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Rate my avi

Jun 4, 2019 by FireX
And ill rate yours

Amnesia_ def a 10. It all fits together and the colors are together but seperate enough not to be boring. Very nice
lexeyjane -i mean add a background and its a 10. Love the quit shy but hot girl vibes. So gonna give ya a 9
MJFJUNE -Omg Robot Sam uggg i stan this si much. Shes iconic- 10
WannaBeeFriends - i really like thr glasses and your face says idgaf so when i see the guns im like girllll go a guns ablazing so 8.9
JasonXtreme - i actually really like this. It all goes with each other expect the BG. I mean love me some winter but i think thats the only thing that takes away from it. Other then that very Solid *winks* lol. 8.5
NopalitoLegend01 - ok so hello to the MEXICAN SENSATION look. I see you dont have a lot of designs and obvi that holds you back.  Ima give u a 7. I think your in the right direction but ya need more designs
smuguy2012 - i like the flowers not gonna lie. All u need is a ump of color from  background but other then that its a very nice avi. So 8.9
gabrieltrezza. -honestly a 8.5 . You have the background that matches the survivor look. However ik ur missing part of a background. Use that extra space bro. I see you tho with blue hair eyes a blue buff. U made sure to color match which helps


Sent by MJFJUNE,Jun 4, 2019
10 it’s sexy
Sent by WannaBeeFriends,Jun 4, 2019
10 for uniqueness
Sent by JasonXtreme,Jun 4, 2019
12/10 cos it’s so awesome and really hot. That mask gives it extra points
Sent by NopalitoLegend01,Jun 4, 2019
danny phantom vibes. hot. 8.7/10
Sent by lexeyjane,Jun 4, 2019
10 you’re sexy xo
Sent by Amnesia_,Jun 4, 2019
Sent by smuguy2012,Jun 4, 2019
Sent by gabrieltrezza,Jun 4, 2019
oh wait i didnt read
7.5 I liked the white/black theme
Sent by gabrieltrezza,Jun 4, 2019

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