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Okay real PYN

11thJun 7, 2019 by FireWolf
PYN and I'll tell you if we'd get along irl

lexeyjane I feel like we would have a casual conversation while your brother gets drunk, stoned, and does some other kind of hard drug while snapping tengagers pictures of his tonsils

BengalBoy I doubt you'd be a person just to chill with but if I'm looking to go out clubbing or something you'd be a go-to (on occasion because I'm an introvert :P)

countrysavage I feel like we could, but the issue is all your irl friends are stoners and love to get drunk so I wouldn't at all get along with them

CalebDaBoss I feel like this one could get really awkward really fast for numerous reasons we both know about :/

GoodKaren okay I have absolutely NO IDEA how you would be irl so this one will have to be a maybe or an I don't know

pinkiepie512 Oh hell yes! Okay maybe not ALL the time because you have 10 times the energy I do but yes for sure!!!

ZIMY I honestly have no idea since we've never met :/

SAWCHUK55 Correct me if I'm wrong but you are quite a bit older than I am (17) so that might make it hard to be casual friends but honestly who knows

Wisconsinite96 I honestly have no idea since we haven't spoken :/

aria_grande I feel like it would be possible but you're younger than I am so irl friendship might get kinda awkward ngl

Bvance1212 I think we could, I don't know too much about you but from what I do know we'd get along fine

RedFabFoxy Honestly I feel like we'd have more of a friends with benefits sotuation than anything else 馃槄

Chic I don't know much about you but from what I've seen you are the polar opposite of me, so either hate each other or be really good friends no in between if you're the same way irl

ShaneDawson12345 I would like to think we would but honestly I don't know enough about how your personality actually is to give you an answer here


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sad :( firewolf
Sent by ZIMY,Jun 7, 2019
Feel free to message me if you want ZIMY
Sent by FireWolf,Jun 7, 2019
Sent by SAWCHUK55,Jun 7, 2019
yah im almost 30
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