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  1. That awkward moment when
  2. I’m obsessed
  3. Ugh
  4. Arrest me daddy!
  5. You called a brown person a terrorist
  6. Ugh I wish I could just delete
  7. I love the look of female afros
  8. How much fragrance
  9. How can I be
  10. It’s so annoying when
  11. If only you losers
  12. Who wants to f4f on insta
  13. I am going to send you nudes
  14. Any thoughts on my bikini pics?
  15. No title
  16. This design
  17. These shops items...
  18. Tag someone
  19. You need some thick skin
  20. These blogs have the same energy
  21. Vote
  22. Stop spamming me
  23. Why is it that
  24. Thanx for the gift moms
  26. I love it when
  27. Blue balling my boyfriend is fun
  28. Joe Biden is so mf creepy
  29. Thanks a bunch ❤️
  30. Remember
  31. It’s funny how
  32. Will you lose weight
  33. Help!!
  34. I despise preteens
  35. Which should I buy ?
  36. It rly sucks when
  37. Unpopular opinion
  38. V RIGHT V
  39. Sweet home leahbama
  40. Have all these

What does it mean

Jan 24, 2020 by Fetish
When someone u thought u were friends with doesn’t follow u back on ig? It’s stupid but idk if I should pop off or leave it be.


Gotta show up to their house and beat them down
Sent by Survivor8,Jan 24, 2020

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