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Big Brother and online Hunger games.


15thJan 7, 2024 by Fendimania
Imagine yelling at ur friend and telling them u don’t wanna play with them anymore … cause she’s friends with me 😭

harley let dimitra decide who she wants to be friends with you mardy lil bitch stop trying to control women.


He mailed me yesterday telling me to unfriend u 😭
Sent by PrincessPinklips,Jan 7, 2024
LMFAOOOOOOOOO princesspinklips he’s so embarrassing
Sent by Fendimania,Jan 7, 2024
I never asked any of the 2 to unfriend you and would never!!! I just remined them that you are a psycho bully :)

Now go play with your friends and leave me alone
Sent by Harley,Jan 7, 2024
harley you literally said to dimitra you don’t wanna play games with her cause she has me at number 1 LMFAO loser idk why ur such a pussy
Sent by Fendimania,Jan 7, 2024
You all fit in your hearts, don't fight children 🩷
Sent by Marilila,Jan 7, 2024
I do not want to play games with her, because the chances of you showing up are higher. Thats it :)
Sent by Harley,Jan 7, 2024
I hardly play games anymore since I got chromatica but keep letting me get in between your relationships it’s fun !!
Sent by Fendimania,Jan 7, 2024
honestly get a life girlies
Sent by Faith12,Jan 7, 2024

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